ELF Cosmetics Matte Magic Mist and Set Review

Hola earthlings!

I've recently hauled this mist in my March haul post. I've heard mixed reviews about it yet I still want to try it for myself. Since this is my first makeup setting spray, I figure I would go low end first to see whether I can save some cash from it. I bought this fro RM18.

The mist comes in a 80mL spray bottle. The sleek and chic design really gives out the bad bitch vibe LOL. I was attracted by the word 'matte' and 'set' due to my oily complexion. I want something that can further mattify and control my oiliness through out the day.

Quite small and handy to toss inside my makeup pouch. It doesn't take up a lot of space plus the cap is secure. No leaking and such.

Firsrt off, the spray mist is awful. Its not fine enough to lightly dampen the face, instead I find myself almost feeling wet even after I sprayed it from an arm's length. The mist also takes longer time than the UD Setting Spray (I tried the tester, it vaporizes within 30-60 seconds).

The scent is pleasant. Its nothing chemical-y or synthetic. Unfortunately it didn't give me a matte finish, in fact it gives a dewy finish. Notice the glow on my face. Normally, without setting spray I wouldn't get shiny on my cheeks but looking in the mirror, I can see a subtle glow whenever light hits my face. It looks pretty but not my cup of tea.

It prolong my makeup wear. Usually when I remove my makeup by 5pm, there's barely nothing on the wipes. Meaning most of it had wear off. But its a different story when I use the mist. Fyi, I'm using the same foundation for 8hours ; Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation. The foundation is certainly not long lasting but paired with the mist, the wear time become exceptionally longer :O I'm impressed.

If you like dewy finish, prolong wear time and affordable makeup mist, go and buy this. :D

Take care! XOXO

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