Oval Foundation Brush Review

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Today, I'm back with another review of the in-trend beauty product; oval foundation brush. 

Honestly, Korean companies are the first group whom popularize these type of brushes. Among the frequent brands used are Missha and Etude House. Then, Artiste came out with their giant oval brush and beauty gurus started to showcase it in their videos. Next thing we know the whole beauty community went cray cray over the trend and of course, someone gotta make a dupe aka knock off version of it,right? So here it is. 

I bought this for RM15 = USD 3.81. The size resembles a regular makeup brush but slightly shorter. It honestly look like a toothbrush lmao.

The bristles are dense (so dense it feels almost stiff) but it is supple for the skin (seriously,so soft guys). Since the tip is dark hence foundation/concealer stains are hardly seen. 

The outer perimeter of the bristles are not fully oval. Notice the odd shape at your left side. It does not deter the performance of the brush but it's worth mentioning.  

I feel like the handle will break if I use too much force because it is quite thin. 

Using the oval brush to apply foundation and concealer.

With foundation

Because its so dense and thick, its a teeny tiny difficult to maneuver when I'm blending my foundation. Sometimes I feel like it tugs my skin whenever I use this in "fast" motion. It does give an even application but it dramatically sheer out my foundation. 

With concealer (undereyes)

Again, it sheer out the coverage but I like the fact that it perfectly blend everything and leave my undereyes creaseless. It look so smooth and airbrushed. The downside is, the tip is not pointy enough hence its inflexible to distribute the product precisely. I find that the area right below my eyes are especially hard to reach.

Overall, not particularly in love with this trend. I'd rather use a flat top kabuki brush or beauty blender to apply my foundation. However it does give beautiful finish under the eyes. I have yet to try using it for contour. I'll give an update soon.

Take care! XOXO

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