March 2016 Haul ; Morphe, Colourpop, Yubiso, etc

Hi earthlings!

I've bought a few things worth mentioning last month. They're mostly makeups with a few miscellaneous items. I have also found a new Daiso type of a shop called Yubiso Japan at Sunway Pyramid. Seriously that shop is dope! Everything is color coordinated and it triggers the OCD side of me hahaha. And their price is also affordable while carrying a variety of stuffs from cosmetics, selfie sticks to home care products.

I bought a pore brush and 3 dual ended markers. The pore brush was sold at RM10 while the markers are RM5 for 3. Such a steal right? So far the pore brush is doing an excellent job at cleansing my skin. The bristles are dense yet soft on the skin and produce a lot of foams. Its quite hard to reach the corner of my nose but considering its performance, I don't think its a concern at all.

The markers also works wonderfully. Its vivid and scentless. They have a big stash only for these markers and what's amazing is that each pen has a shade name. The markers I bought are 84 Pastel Violet, 101 Yellow Ochre and 22 French Vermillion.

Next is the Carousell haul. I have a Carousell account [HERE] where I sell my preloved cosmetics. Do check it if you're looking for cheap, aunthentic preloved makeup :) Carousell is an app where you can sell and buy preloved or new items such as cosmetics, furnitures and even books. It's the only shopping app I use.

Back to the haul.

I finally own a Morphe eyeshadow palette yayyyyyy. Everyone loves the 35O palette but I personally want the 35N instead. I love matte eyeshadows hence why I buy this. Most sellers are selling it for a staggering RM145-170. Luckily I found one that sells for only RM110 due to minor defects. I haven't try it yet though. It looks so pretty that I don't want to ruin it with brush or finger marks LOL.

Next is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips that I reviewed HERE. This is a preloved item but it does come with a box which is a plus because its a good prop for review.

Last one is the E.L.F Matte Magic Mist and Set. This is also a preloved item and I bought this for RM18. This is my first face mist since I can't afford the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Anyhow I tried it once and true to most reviews, the mist comes out in large droplets that is prone to wet the face. I sprayed it from an almost arm's length and it still wet my face :O

These are from Daiso. I wanted to buy the sponge because its cheap and comes in a bulk. I figure it can be used to bake my undereyes or to apply foundation with. The wooden pinch is to clip the pictures on a string. But I still haven't print out the pictures yet. 

Last item is a journal from Typo. I've been wanting to write a journal since I have so many free time this semester. Pinterest is the major trigger for this purchase. I see so many awesome and artsy pictures of people scribbling and writing down on their journals. There's also tons of prompts and ideas for you to ponder and jot down in the journal. Thanks Pinterest :) This retails for RM17.50

That's it folks. I hope you enjoy my mini haul and I'll see you in the next blog post!

Take care! XOXO


ieyra h. said...

Nice haul, Azwa! I've been to Yubiso IOI several times, so intrigued to buy their face cleanser and face masks. Apparently I remember seeing korean sheet mask at Yubiso for RM5. that's really cheap! but I completely forgot to buy! haha.

ieyra h. said...

whoppsie, gotta comment here since my disqus page is not working, maybe needs to verify email atau apa, I'm not sure but I got my rubbing alcohol at Guardian! You can search for 'Methylated Sprit' from the brand Polylab. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. Yep. They carry lots of cosmetics too. They're so affordable! ;) Thanks. No wonder I never find any 'rubbing alcohol' kat kedai. sebab dia marketed as methylated spririt rupanya.

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