Karreuche x Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips Review

Hi earthlings!

I just received this in my mail today and I am beyond excited that I'm doing an immediate review hehe. This is the Karrueche x Colourpop collab which is called Kaepop. The shade I own is Chi. I bought this for RM30.

I've been wanting to try Colourpop cosmetics for some time but I can never decide which shade to buy because there's so many to choose from! Even now they're expanding their products to brow pomade and brow pencil. O___O Finally I've jumped into the bandwagon when someone was selling this cheaply on Carousell.

The tube gives out an expensive vibe with the silver lid and rose gold accent. It is transparent and its made up of plastic. The design and presentation is simplistic with just enough attraction for the eyes to look at.

The liquid lipstick has a doe foot applicator and it pick up quite a lot of product which is convenient because I don't have to continuously dip back into the tube. 

The website describes it as "cool tone nude beige".

I was anxious whether it will appear too pale and greyish for my skintone. I googled the swatch and some of it look super pale :O Thankfully it did match my skintone pretty well, at least in my opinion. 

Upon trying it, I noticed its liquidy and thin texture. It doesn't feel heavy and it feels almost nothing on the lips. I heard complaints that the Ultra Matte Lips is too drying but I think they twisted the formula for this particular collaboration. The product glide smoothly on my lips and it emphasize all the lines on the lips. A lip primer will minimize the appearance of lip lines. Plus it does not have any noticeable scent. The LA Girls Pigment Gloss has strong paint scent.

It dries down matte and transfer minimally once it dried. I have not test it for a full day yet so I cannot comment on the longevity and effect of meals and drinks in between. But so far I'm liking it!

Take care! XOXO

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