Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint Review (05 All Night Red)

Hello earthlings!

Last year, Tony Moly released their Facetone collection which include this tint as part of the Liptone line. I was also interested to purchase the skin tint but I was unsure of my shade so I bought the liptint instead. 

I wanted a classic red tint and through the advertorial, I figure this shade will be the perfect one. WRONG! 

The tint was packaged to look like a nail polish. The transparent, bulky glass gives out luxury vibe plus they're very generous with the product inside. No worries though, the bottle doesn't feel like it'll break easily, just don't purposely smash it :D

The applicator is doe foot shaped. For some reason the cover has loosen up and I can't secure the lid tightly :( It feels as if the lid will detach itself if I put this in my pouch. It's so frustrating!

The swatch looks nice, exactly the kind of red that I want. 

 I wiped off the tint to see its stain and WTF it has pink tint!

THE F###

It's not red as I imagine it to be T____T

I was fooled by the advertorial T_________T

It is gel-like but almost watery and its not as bitter as most liptints. It has high color pay off and difficult to remove with regular makeup remover. However it fade off pretty easily if it comes in contact with oil. I guess its oil soluble so keep that in mind, especially during meals. Once dried, it transfer minimally to the glass its barely noticeable.

I love the color pay off but honestly, its difficult for any tints to stain my upper lip and this one is no exception. I need to build up the color on my upper lip while it stains my lower lip effortlessly. It sets fast so I have to blend it quickly, otherwise it'll form an awkward harsh line on the lips which destroy the goal of gradient lips -__- 

Its a good product, I'm just disappointed with the pink stain. I would recommend this if you want a vivid and long lasting liptint with an affordable price. :)

Take care! XOXO

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Nuraini Munira J. said...

I haven't tried a lot of their products especially makeup as it's freaking expensive here in Malaysia but recently, I saw lots of stuffs I want to try but I guess I have to order online~
I haven't got into the gradient lips trend as well as I prefer full lips makeup but then... I saw my favourite brand - Laneige released their 2 tone lipstick and now I'm thinking to try it next. hehe
still, I've tried Innisfree lip tints before and I do love their colour payoffs.
Nice review! :D
Mira | Pretty Little Things

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