February 2016 Favorites (Maybelline,Innisfree,NYX,etc)

Hello earthlings!

My February favs are all about rediscovering old items that REALLY performs well. I haven't bought anything new for this year because I'm currently saving some cash. So I use whatever I have which let's be honest, I have way more than a normal person should have haha.

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream (Original Version)

I've ran out of my regular sunscreen so I've been using this one as a substitute since it has SPF25/PA+++. Its quite low but better than nothing! Normally I also use it alone whenever I'm not in the mood to wear makeup. It does not really do anything other than UV protection, in fact I don't understand the purpose of this cream. I'm guessing its a makeup base. A little reminder, this is unsuitable for oily skin because of its heavy and thick texture which also makes it a bit sticky/shiny on the skin.

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

Trust me, 'face blur' is just a fancy term for PRIMER. Its texture is thin and lightweight, kind of like a liquified silicone. I thought this was a gimmick product but I was amazed when I tried it. I'm loving the fact that this do blur my pores and my makeup stays on longer. Plus the scent reminds me of baby lotion, it brings back nostalgic feelings. This has easily become my favorite primer of all time.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation

I reach for this when I want a foolproof good skin day. This can never go wrong. It does not feel heavy, it does cover my pores without primer and its finish is not too matte yet not too glossy for my liking. Its not tacky and it blends like a dream with the brush or damp sponge. This is a legit wonderful foundation for daily usage. If you have oily skin, you need this in your life!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is also my all time favorite item! It brighten up my undereyes immensely. Its a bit thick and I prefer blending it with a damp sponge. Its also a little drying if I were to compare it with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It really lasts once its set. It does not budge and crease. The price point is what makes it sooooo worth it. Its so affordable and yet it works like magic. 

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact

You can tell by its packaging that I use it a lot LOL. Its convenient to travel with due to its small size. Its perfect to set the face, undereyes and it also act as a mattifying powder because its finely milled texture. It feels so soft on the skin! The downside is that it can give white cast if used excessively so always keep that in mind.

 Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

I got this when I bought the Tarte Christmas Holiday Collection. There's nothing special with this mascara but I keep on reaching for it. Its wet formula makes it heavy and it cannot hold my curls. But I love the volume it gives and it does not smudge on my oily lids. I would not repurchase this once it dried up. Personally, I'm still on the quest to find my ultimate favorite mascara.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Of all eyebrow product, I love the powder formula the most because its easy to blend and dark enough for my black eyebrows. Sometimes pencil or twistable eyebrow pencil slip and slide on my brows probably due to the fact that I'm oily all over my face -____- Needless to say, the NYX eyebrow cake powder is affordable while doing wonders to my eyebrows. If I accidentally over applied (in which I always do), I can easily blend it with a spooly. I always have an option to go with a natural or fleeky brows with this product and that's just make me love it even more.

NYX Tinted Eyebrow Gel

I use this when I want my brows to look extra polished. I find that this gel is rather chunky and once deposited, its quite difficult to blend it. The trick is to use a LIGHT HAND with it. Its basically brushing lightly on the brow hairs without putting any pressure on the handle. It takes a bit practice but once I've mastered it, I thoroughly enjoy using it. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I wore this a ton and its still going strong! I have a weird pale lips and I look sick whenever I don't wear makeup so I always put on a tinted lip balm just to bring the life back into my expression. Its quite thick and sticky but I'm used to it that I keep on using it. Its also the only lip balm I own at the moment. It does moisturize my lips and this really helps because I tend to breath using my mouth unconsciously so my lips are prone to dryness.

Wearing my Feb favs ;)

So that's it guys. I really hope you find my post helpful and I'll see you next time!

Take care! XOXO


ieyra h. said...

Cantiknya!! I would like to try the primer from Etude House, I know Kimdao on youtube have been raving about it. Anyway, I went to KL last month to repurchase the Collection Cosmetics Concealer, I don't totally like it, but it's good for highlighting. Can't believe Watsons is discontinuing the brand here. :/

eyra h. | blog

Huda...!!! said...

Great Picks. I need to try this maybelline foundation. You look great :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. Concealer tu a bit thick. Tapi senang nak blend kalau pakai sponge. Yaaa im also sad. Some F Block shop do sell Collection makeups.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Huda...!!! Thanks :) The foundation is good for its price and performance.

Daria said...

love the face blur primer so much! favourite primer ever x


ieyra h. said...

@Azwa Amanina
hi Azwa, they still sell it? Do you know any F Block shop near KL? Never been there.. O_O

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. Yep. I believe they still sell it. Its F Block at Bangsar.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Daria High five gurrrrrl! :D

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