Etude House Curl Fix Mascara Review (Brown)

Hola peeps!

I've had this mascara for quite some time now. For some odd reason I was never interested to write a review about it, until now. I have less than 5 mascara tubes mainly because mascara tend to expire earlier than most makeup. It should be disposed after 6 months and throwing out a tube full mascara with rancid smell is a bit of waste.

It received a lot of hype when it was first released with claims of 24hours wear and voluminous curls. I was not intrigued at all yet I bought it anyway since Etude House was having a 1+1 deal. 

It has ambitious claims ;

Curl the lashes

Fix the curls

No smudges

I appreciate the brown waves inked on the handle. Its so simple, not like the usual presentation by Etude House but nothing horrible. 

The bristles have two designs. Supposedly the flat side will give you a nice, evenly coated and separated lashes while the fat side will give a curling effect.

More info below.

Apparently, they called the bristles as jelly when its actually just a fancy term (again) for rubber. These bristles can hurt you. I swatch it on my hand and it was sharp af. It feels as if I'm pressing my skin against thumbnails. I'm aware of how sensitive the eyes are so take precautions please.

The swatch look glossy because it has not dried up yet. Its crazy intense brown but on the lashes it end up looking a lot lighter than its initial color. The product stick like a bulk on the bristles and at first I thought its gonna cause clumping. To my surprise it didn't. It deposited the product evenly and give a thick coat to the lashes. 

I tested both sides of the bristles and the fat side do add extra curls to my lashes. However I prefer using the flat side as I find it more convenient to apply due to my downturn eyes. Once it dries, my curls were pretty much glued. It does not sag nor smudge. Keep in mind that this harden hardcore, like a cement for lashes. Its to the point it hurts a little bit on the roots :O

It is sweat proof, water proof and didn't flake off even though I frequently touch my lashes. The bad part is removing them. It can only be removed with oil-based makeup remover and I took a good 5 mins to rub off everything. I have to rub pretty strong to iniate the removal and the process irritate the lashes roots :( It does not hurt that much but I can definitely feel it.

And that is why it never make it to my fav mascara. Its a genius invention but the formula is a bit off for my personal preference.

Have you tried this?? Do you like it??

Take care! XOXO 


Daria said...

wow this looks nice! thankyou for the review dear x

adzrildotcom said...

Hai azwaa... Camna nak contact azwa? Nak jemput azwaa untuk 1 program ni.

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