Must Have Alat Solek [Azwaa X Zalora MY]

Hi lovelies!

Makeup is versatile and there is an infinite possibility of exploring the art of makeup. Nowadays creative ideas are popping on Instagram and Youtube like madness! I've seen people use spoon to contour and draw their eyeliner and the latest craze, the spoon/hairbrush kinda brush that claims to blend your makeup faster and give flawless finish effortlessly. 

So today I'm gonna share with you my must have alat solek (Pardon for using my mother tongue language :P)

Beauty blender

This is the perfect tool to blend wet products like foundation and concealer. It provide the most natural finish by absorbing the excess product and even out the product beautifully. I find it perform the best when used as damp as its dry form is normally stiff. There are tons of dupes sold online with an affordable price.

Dual ended eyebrow brush

Brows are the real best friend to women. The right brows can frame the face and enhance your natural features. When I'm traveling, I always carry this brush in my makeup pouch. They're handy to draw and blend the eyebrow product so it appear soft and natural. Remember ladies, never ignore your brows! 

Mattifying pore pact
I have to have this in my makeup pouch. I have oily skin and by midday my face is a greasy mess. I always blot the greasy area to mattify it and freshen up my look. The finely milled powder also blur out my pores and since its translucent, it can be used by a variety of skin tone. Plus, its small size makes it easier to pack along and comparatively cheaper than the normal setting powders.

Lip balm

Lip balm is life because chapped lips ain't sexy. I have a severe pale lips so I always opt for a tinted balm but the colorless one will do as long as it moisturize my lips. It is also a quick way to polish up my look especially after drinks or meals with my buddies. Its much of a less hassle than applying a full on lipstick where I have to be precise and let's be honest, its time consuming :/

There you have it! My must have alat solek in my pouch :) Special thanks to Zalora for inviting me to do a collab. 

Tell me what's your must have alat solek in the comment below ;)

Take care. XOXO

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Nadzaty Asyqin said...

Hi sis! What a good and informative post! Btw, i commented on one of the your post on Carousell. Hoping for speedy replies!

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