10pcs Brush Set Review (Unbranded)

Hi readers!

I've seen countless reviews on the brush set originated from China. It was sold cheaply with great quality so I've always been intrigued by them. It almost look like a dupe for Sigma brushes just by looking at the pictures.

I bought the set from an instagram reseller for RM60 + RM7 postage. 


The handles are all sturdy, fat and the length is just right. The gold accent adds more luxurious feeling to the brushes. I believe all of the bristles are synthetic. Each brushes have dense and soft bristles that work perfectly with cream and liquid products.

My personal favorite is the flat top kabuki brush. I use it to blend my foundation and concealer. It reminds me of the cult favorite Sigma F80 brush. Personally, I have never own it because of its price tag.

However, I honestly think this is a decent substitute for the F80 brush. The flat surface and rounded edges makes it a bit difficult to blend the concealer around the eyes. However I find it gives a full coverage, air brush finish without absorbing the product. It can feel a little heavy though it may be caused by putting excess product.

I rarely use the other brushes since I prefer to use my BHCosmetics blush brush and skip contouring on a daily basis. The precision tapered kabuki brush seem to be a good brush for blending products under the eyes but its a tad stiffer for my liking. It feels like I'm tugging my skin and I do not enjoy it.

Oddly, I also use the flat angled kabuki brush to apply my foundation. It doesn't make any difference but I feel it provide a more sheer coverage than the flat top brush. I rarely use the round top kabuki brush and round angled kabuki brush. I've tried to apply blusher with them but its too dense thus it give such a harsh appearance on my skin.



These eye brushes are fantastic in term of softness and density, just like the face brushes. However I tend to reach for the blending brush only. I couldn't find any other use for them since the size is too big for my eyelids. 

The blending brush blend my crease color beautifully. Its the perfect size for my crease. I've tried using the flat angled and flat brush to apply highlighter on the cheekbones but it doesn't dispose the product well on my skin so nahhh.

Overall, its a good brush set for its price. Plus the quality is acceptable and I have not suffer any shedding even after washing it a few times already. If you're a beginner and on a budget, this will be a great alternative for a more affordable brushes. :)

Take care!

Absolute NY Icon Eyeshadow Palette (Exposed) Review *Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe*

Hi earthlings!


I spotted this particular palette at my local Watsons store. The packaging reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I swatched it and it seems okay and the price tag is affordable so I decided to buy it.

I've checked out the official website of the brand and there were 3 choices of palette to choose from. However the only one available at the moment is the Exposed palette. I would love to try the Twilight palette. Hopefully Watsons will bring it into their store soon.

100% similar packaging with the Naked 2 palette. I understand that the Naked series palette is a cult favorite among the beauty junkie which probably lead to different brands using the palette as a template in manufacturing their own palette. 

Ballet - Muted - Canvas - Toast - Nude - Nectar - Gilded - Cedar - Flirt - Java - Slate - Gunmetal

The palette comprises of 12 eyeshadow pans with 3 matte and 9 shimmer/glitter shadows. A dual ended brush was provided and frankly speaking, I am fond of the brush. The blending brush work wonderfully but the flat shader brush, not so much. It didn't packed the eyeshadow as good as I've expected it to be.

Ballet - Muted - Canvas - Toast 

Nude - Nectar - Gilded - Cedar

Flirt - Java - Slate - Gunmetal

P/S; All swatches were done without primer

The shimmery shadows are outstanding!
It swatches beautifully with even pigmentation and it shows true to its colour on the lid.

However the matte shadows are disappointing. Apart from having less transition colour, it also do not have a matte highlight shade for the brow bone. The shimmer shadow is simply too harsh for highlighting. Further, the pigmentation is a bit lacking but it did show up on my lid after I packed it on a few times.

Overall, this palette is a little bit above average. I'm not crazy about it but I don't hate it either. It blends easily and do not crease. I just wish there were more mattes thrown in it.

Outer corner - Java
Browbone highlight - Muted
Eyelid - Carli Bybel Palette

Eyebrow - Nyx Tinted Brow Gel (Espresso)

Mascara - Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 
Lips - Etude House Rosy Tint Lips 05 Baby Peony

Take care! XOXO

Carli Bybel Palette Review

Hello earthlings!

Today I bring you the majestic, highly raved palette by Carli Bybel in collaboration with BHCosmetics. I saw her introduction video about this palette and I was impressed by the swatches shown. I immediately google up reviews and everyone was praising this product.

The price is superb for the quality

The pigmentation is amazing

The shadows are buttery and blends like a dream

The highlight shades are on fleek

Hold on. Hold please. I'm gonna own this palette.

So I've been hunting on this palette for a few months and I've finally found a ready stock item with an affordable price (RM89 plus RM7 shipping = RM96) YASSSSSSS.

The key features of the palette is the grayish white cushion-y design plus a tiny pink penguin beside the Carli Bybel. The packaging is made up of cardboard just like the other BHCosmetics palette. Honestly, this one felt like it was designed, manufactured and marketed better than the That'sHeart palette. I can completely see why since Carli has over 3 millions subscribers on YT, which means criticism will hit rock hard if the quality is not up the par because people expected her to know her stuffs. Y'know what I mean.

Nevertheless, the packaging is definitely eye catching. Vanity deco worth.

W/o flash

With flash

It has 4 matte and 6 shimmer with glitters eyeshadows.
4 highlight shades

When I first swatch it, I immediately notice the fallout especially with the matte shades.
But all is good, the pigmentation is great just occasionally uneven. You'll see it in the swatches.

The shimmers and highlighters are super pigmented and suffer less fallout.

The highlighters are perfection! 
Look at that, super reflective!

I personally love the gold highlight (2nd lightest shade from the bottom)

Can we see the glow? 
Yes we can.
Disco ball.

I personally love the pale purple shade on my crease. 
Its wearable aka user friendly eventhough its PURPLE.

I am in love with this palette.
Carli Bybel had done a fantastic job!

Take care. XOXO

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur Review

Hola peeps!

This product was marketed as an "instant smoother photo ready skin" and it was so hyped up during its release. I was never really interested with it because I fear it would appear too white on my skin, making my base look cakey. It was also a bit pricey on the offline store here (RM 100++).

Alas, I've asked my friend a favor to buy this on his trip to Korea and it was around RM40 something. Affordable right? 

It claims to smooth, hide pores and brighten up the skin tone.

I have found my favourite primer! This blur my pores beautifully and it doesn't sink into my pores. My skin looks poreless once I've applied foundation or BB cream. 

I thought the consistency is thick and hard to blend but I was totally wrong. Its so thin (almost liquidy) and easily blended just by using the heat of the palms. I normally apply a pea size to each of the problematic area of my face like cheeks, nose and forehead.

This does has strong fragrance in it. I can detect its synthetic just by sniffing it. Its quite strong but will disappear once blended. Personally, I didn't notice any brightening/whitening effect and its probably because I've only use a small amount of it every time.

I can say it prolong my makeup wear time. I normally wear makeup from morning to evening (4-5pm) and it hold my foundation pretty well. I am impressed!

I can proudly say my quest on finding the perfect primer has completed!

Take care! XOXO

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