10pcs Brush Set Review (Unbranded)

Hi readers!

I've seen countless reviews on the brush set originated from China. It was sold cheaply with great quality so I've always been intrigued by them. It almost look like a dupe for Sigma brushes just by looking at the pictures.

I bought the set from an instagram reseller for RM60 + RM7 postage. 


The handles are all sturdy, fat and the length is just right. The gold accent adds more luxurious feeling to the brushes. I believe all of the bristles are synthetic. Each brushes have dense and soft bristles that work perfectly with cream and liquid products.

My personal favorite is the flat top kabuki brush. I use it to blend my foundation and concealer. It reminds me of the cult favorite Sigma F80 brush. Personally, I have never own it because of its price tag.

However, I honestly think this is a decent substitute for the F80 brush. The flat surface and rounded edges makes it a bit difficult to blend the concealer around the eyes. However I find it gives a full coverage, air brush finish without absorbing the product. It can feel a little heavy though it may be caused by putting excess product.

I rarely use the other brushes since I prefer to use my BHCosmetics blush brush and skip contouring on a daily basis. The precision tapered kabuki brush seem to be a good brush for blending products under the eyes but its a tad stiffer for my liking. It feels like I'm tugging my skin and I do not enjoy it.

Oddly, I also use the flat angled kabuki brush to apply my foundation. It doesn't make any difference but I feel it provide a more sheer coverage than the flat top brush. I rarely use the round top kabuki brush and round angled kabuki brush. I've tried to apply blusher with them but its too dense thus it give such a harsh appearance on my skin.



These eye brushes are fantastic in term of softness and density, just like the face brushes. However I tend to reach for the blending brush only. I couldn't find any other use for them since the size is too big for my eyelids. 

The blending brush blend my crease color beautifully. Its the perfect size for my crease. I've tried using the flat angled and flat brush to apply highlighter on the cheekbones but it doesn't dispose the product well on my skin so nahhh.

Overall, its a good brush set for its price. Plus the quality is acceptable and I have not suffer any shedding even after washing it a few times already. If you're a beginner and on a budget, this will be a great alternative for a more affordable brushes. :)

Take care!


ieyra h. said...

I can't wait to share my own review on these brushes. :D I got lucky and bought the set for RM40! Hehe.

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. Awwwww you got lucky! Some even sell it for only RM30 :D

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