♡ My Favourite Youtube Personality ♡


Im sorry that im not quite active these days because I can umhahaha.Anyway this entry is just a compilation of Youtube personality that i loved the most.It does not necessarily have to be a beauty guru but i do have them in my list.

What i meant by "favourite" is a video that i will instantly watch the moment i saw it on my Youtube wall.I like their ideas,how they present their videos or rather how they edit it and basically the vibe they radiate whenever they're on camera.

I will list out in no particular order.

source - google image

I love her videos,very informative and precise.She does not speak nonsense and she actually speak straight to the point (in line with her video's title) and slips in many useful tips in between her tutorial.

source - google image

The funniest,bitchest man i've ever seen in my whole life.I laugh like LOL whenever i watch his video(s) especially his 'Ask Kingsley' segment.He got this swag and i'd die to have his talking skill. -3-

source - google image

I recently follow her and im in love with her videos!Her video is totally insane (in a good way) and i love her energy.I was a sweating mess (following her steps) and yet she just smile and talk like nothing happened.damn i adore her passion!

ibuybeauti is a channel that upload famous Korean beauty shows and i love that it is frequently updated.This channel is actually run by the owner of an online shop ibuybeauti.com.Almost every product in the video tutorial is available at their shop which is cool and convenient though i never buy from this shop.

She is a thai and a makeup artist.She always do a sponsored makeup tutorial.I dont mind because most of the time i find that her tutorial is easy peasy to copy.

I didn't put Michelle Phan cos she's so mainstream lol but i do like her! :)


Maybelline Color Tattoos by Eyestudio in #10 Fierce and Tangy Review

Hello cupcakes!

Its been a while,i know i know.But i was totally in no mood to do reviews lately simple because mum was almost never home at daytime and the items i've bought didn't reach my mail box yet. :/ 

However I did purchased a few drugstores products during my trip to KK a few weeks ago.Here's one of it.

Fyi,im so into orange shade lately,not sure why as the fall is coming and summer is coming to an end.

Etude House Fall/Winter 2013 And Rose Collection


I saw an article in Allkpop about Etude House releasing their fall/winter collection and i immediately google it ahaha.

Here's my 2 cents -

Fashion designers tend to use dull and earthy colours whenever fall/winter comes,so do Etude House.Though the collection is not fully published with description and shades available but i can definitely see darker,kinda almost vampire look colors were used.

Also,the Precious Mineral Any Cushion they recently released (in pink packaging) was redecorated with white packaging to give you/me the winter white snowy feeling haha.

I honestly think Etude House is among the last brand to use the compact powder type BB cream.So i kinda have a high expectation on them because i expect them to improvise the previous range released by other brands (No enemy is your foe) or even Etude House's own BB formula kekeke.

Let's just wait until all of the products are officially released and available at online and retail shops :)

♡ REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous ♡

hello cupcakes!!

Im sorry,it has been a while since my last entry thanks to the eidul fitr celebration.I was so busy mannnn. (ʘᗩʘ') Last Monday there was an open house at my aunt's,Tuesday at our family's house,Wednesday at my besties and Thursday at my house.I am a complete mess last week.My dirty laundry is piling up and i went to sleep exhausted every night T____T On Friday I went on a road trip with Ray and it was MAJESTIC. (。◕‿◕。)

Anywaysss this is a product im totally digging in right now.I bought this on my trip to KK two weeks ago and it was on sale yay! so it was slightly cheaper than the real price,maybe around 27.90 MYR (8.50 USD)??

I kind of think this is a dupe for Clinique Chubby Stick kekeke.

My Raya Story - Angpau,Food Feast and Everything In Between

hello muffins!

Today is the second day of raya or hari raya ke-2 kekeke.I stayed at home because I had enough of eating.I ate the entire day yesterday. -____- Some say i look chubbier than before and ooookay,i admit it.I snack on the kuih raya aka cookies in the middle of the night while I was watching movies. 

This year's theme colour is peachy orange.

Very very classic pose -3-

Simplicity is what im trying to achieve with this year's raya.
Which is why i choose to wear a bawal hijab instead of a shawl.
Tak perlu la glamer sangat tahun ni eh :P

I managed to collect RM 110 (34 USD) for my angpau!!

Thanks for reading!!

Bobbi Brown (Inspired) 16pcs Makeup Brush Review

Hello chocolate rice sprinkles! -3-

A few days ago I received the long awaited parcel which is a set of makeup brush.Before i start,i would like to remind you that this brushes,although named Bobbi Brown,it is not aunthentic.Bobbi Brown has never release a makeup brush set.

I was attracted when its photo from Anything,so i decided to buy it.I've been looking for a brush set for quite a while.I cant afford to buy the original piece (Bobbi Brown sell the brush individually) so this will do.I bought this for 76 MYR (23 USD).

Im sorry if i insult any of Bobbi Brown's fan,i didn't mean to piss anyone.

July 2013 Wishlist - High End Cosmetics and Haute Couture


-listkan apa mau beli bila buka sem

Okay,lets go one step further with my wishlist.Last night i stumbled upon a board in Pinterest that contain hundreds of runaway fashion.Wow,i must say Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad's dresses really really caught my eyes,the kind i would wear on my wedding =3= I also looked into Sephora website and qoo10 and well,some of them went into my wishlist :P 

Its not a sin to dream.

And this is one long wishlist ahaha.

CC Cream Comparison - Holika Holika,Tony Moly,Etude House


Im still not done with my July 2013 wishlist and my head is already filled with tons of new entries -___- I was compelled to do this entry because I saw quite many beauty bloggers doing this CC comparison so i thought I want to give my 2 cents too haha.

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