♡ My Favourite Youtube Personality ♡


Im sorry that im not quite active these days because I can umhahaha.Anyway this entry is just a compilation of Youtube personality that i loved the most.It does not necessarily have to be a beauty guru but i do have them in my list.

What i meant by "favourite" is a video that i will instantly watch the moment i saw it on my Youtube wall.I like their ideas,how they present their videos or rather how they edit it and basically the vibe they radiate whenever they're on camera.

I will list out in no particular order.

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I love her videos,very informative and precise.She does not speak nonsense and she actually speak straight to the point (in line with her video's title) and slips in many useful tips in between her tutorial.

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The funniest,bitchest man i've ever seen in my whole life.I laugh like LOL whenever i watch his video(s) especially his 'Ask Kingsley' segment.He got this swag and i'd die to have his talking skill. -3-

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I recently follow her and im in love with her videos!Her video is totally insane (in a good way) and i love her energy.I was a sweating mess (following her steps) and yet she just smile and talk like nothing happened.damn i adore her passion!

ibuybeauti is a channel that upload famous Korean beauty shows and i love that it is frequently updated.This channel is actually run by the owner of an online shop ibuybeauti.com.Almost every product in the video tutorial is available at their shop which is cool and convenient though i never buy from this shop.

She is a thai and a makeup artist.She always do a sponsored makeup tutorial.I dont mind because most of the time i find that her tutorial is easy peasy to copy.

I didn't put Michelle Phan cos she's so mainstream lol but i do like her! :)

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