Bobbi Brown (Inspired) 16pcs Makeup Brush Review

Hello chocolate rice sprinkles! -3-

A few days ago I received the long awaited parcel which is a set of makeup brush.Before i start,i would like to remind you that this brushes,although named Bobbi Brown,it is not aunthentic.Bobbi Brown has never release a makeup brush set.

I was attracted when its photo from Anything,so i decided to buy it.I've been looking for a brush set for quite a while.I cant afford to buy the original piece (Bobbi Brown sell the brush individually) so this will do.I bought this for 76 MYR (23 USD).

Im sorry if i insult any of Bobbi Brown's fan,i didn't mean to piss anyone.

The brushes came in a black shiny pouch with letters 'Bobbi Brown' engraved on its front.

Inside,there are few organizing pockets to store the brushes systematically.

The brushes came in an individual plastic cover,very hygienic.I LOIKE.

There are 16 piece of brushes,range from face brush to eye makeup brush.
As you can see,the brush look very similar to BB's authentic brushes.
The handle is made from wood and was printed with 'Bobbi Brown' and individual name of the brush.

I love it because i wont get confused of which brush is what and i can directly pick 'em up,saves a lot of time!

This set has 4 face brushes
From left - blush - foundation - powder - blush

Honestly,i dont think the last brush on your right is a blush brush.Its more like an eyeshadow brush (according to Bobbi's makeup manual)

I noticed there's a lot of shedding with the blush (left) brush.phew,it kept on sticking to my face -__-

However the foundation brush is DAE to the BAK! I love how dense but soft the brush is,PURREFECT!

Powder brush,OK laa.Not much shedding but still..a few strand here and there were loose.

The last brush,i still have not used it yet.

This is the eye brushes.

close up of the wooden handle.

left - wooden handle's cover
right - brush's cover

Not exactly the same,see how the 'foundation' word is unsymmetrical on my brush.

These are my old brushes (before this brush set arrived) from different brands,ranging from Made in China brush (the one with black kinda dots) to the The Body Shop brush :D

Overall i like the brush set.If you ask me to rate,i would give it 3.7 out of 5 points,B+ grade.

Good stuffs does not necessarily have to be expensive :P

I love the eye brushes,i feel like its a high quality brushes because its super soft and it did not waste lots of my eyeshadow (the powder just stick to the bristles,didn't fall out unless i tap it)

However,shedding is a MAJOR turn off.Almost all of the brushes sheds (except the foundation brush).I dont know how on Earth im gonna clean it,im afraid the brush will become bald if i wet them :O

But for now,im gonna use the set until i have some bucks to buy try the expensive brushes out there like MAC (uhuh),Sigma and so on.

anywayss i was trying to recreate Minah's look from Female President (i dont really like applying eyeliner on my water line)

thanks for reading xoxo!


Jessica Simon said...

aww too bad that the brushes shed a lot.. :(
BTW i love your look here! ;)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jessica Simon yep it was a shame but thank you for reading! :)

nrsyhdksnn said...

where to order this stuff btw? tq :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@nrsyhdksnn hi babe,you can order here :)

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