Etude House Fall/Winter 2013 And Rose Collection


I saw an article in Allkpop about Etude House releasing their fall/winter collection and i immediately google it ahaha.

Here's my 2 cents -

Fashion designers tend to use dull and earthy colours whenever fall/winter comes,so do Etude House.Though the collection is not fully published with description and shades available but i can definitely see darker,kinda almost vampire look colors were used.

Also,the Precious Mineral Any Cushion they recently released (in pink packaging) was redecorated with white packaging to give you/me the winter white snowy feeling haha.

I honestly think Etude House is among the last brand to use the compact powder type BB cream.So i kinda have a high expectation on them because i expect them to improvise the previous range released by other brands (No enemy is your foe) or even Etude House's own BB formula kekeke.

Let's just wait until all of the products are officially released and available at online and retail shops :)


Elsawati Dewi said...

I love Etude especially from its packaging, so princessy.. and talk about compact powder, I think I need one. thanks for the post my dear :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Elsawati Dewi That is a BB cream dear in a compact form. :)

Qistina Nalkatli said...

Hi, u don't want to make a review about etude house precious mineral any cushion cause i like see some reviews from u~

Azwa Amanina said...

@Qistina Nalkatli hi qistina.i actually has tried the any cushion but unfortunately i was caught up with Uni's work.I will make a review soon. :)

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