CC Cream Comparison - Holika Holika,Tony Moly,Etude House


Im still not done with my July 2013 wishlist and my head is already filled with tons of new entries -___- I was compelled to do this entry because I saw quite many beauty bloggers doing this CC comparison so i thought I want to give my 2 cents too haha.

Product Claim

found this on Ebay,sorry i didn't find any translated advertorial for Holika Holika. -3-

The CC's i'll be comparing today are from the three most available brand in Malaysia.

Holika Holika endorsed by SISTAR and Jung Il Woo
Etude House endorsed by f(x) Sulli and Krystal and Shinee
Tony Moly endorsed by JYJ and Min Hyorin

All of the CCs i owned have pump dispenser.
I think the logic behind this is because to prevent oxidation of the content.
Pump dispenser prevent direct contact of the content with air which makes its less likely to oxidize.

Pump Dispenser

Etude House has a slightly unique pump dispenser's design.

Tony Moly and Holika Holika have almost the same - Black in colour and curvy end.


Tony Moly has a compact and hard spherical bottle.A classic black and white combination along with gray/silvery prints.

This tube is a typical CC cream's packaging.The dispenser is located down below while the cover will act as a support to make the tube stand up.


12 months

Height wise/Weight

from left ; 50 mL - 35 mL - 50 mL

Retail Price

Holika Holika - 98.80 MYR (30.50 USD)
Etude House - 89.90 MYR (27.70 USD)
Tony Moly - Unknown (It was still unavailable the last time im in KL)

Online Price (based from

The cheapest price for all three brands i've seen are in 40++ MYR range.
Sometimes,on sale season Etude House products can go as low as below 10 MYR.


from left ; Holika Holika(HH),Tony Moly(TM),Etude House(EH)

If you notice,HH is more to yellowish white while TM and EH are completely pure white.
The good thing about CC cream is that it adjust to your skintone so logically,everyone can use CC cream.

A light touch or blend will cause changes to the color of HH CC cream,that's how sensitive this CC is.Im not even finish blending yet.

On the contrary,TM has only slight color change once blended.It still look mostly white but i could already see very little color change.

EH is also almost the same as TM.However EH tend to start changing color starting from the edge/thinniest layer on the skin first before going to other area.

fully (concentrated) blended of EH CC cream.Color change is definitely visible.

TM is also fully blended and concentrated.Note the difference between them eventhough the canvas (my wrist) has the same skin color/skintone.

HH has a different finishing than TM and EH because it looks too yellow and a bit dark.I purposely leave the white residue in between them to let you see the difference easily.

Eventhough i snap this picture without flash,you could clearly see than HH and TM are somehow look greasy,kinda oily and damp.That's called a dewy finish.

Meanwhile,EH has no dewyness at all,its kind of dry or matte.

This was taken nearby the window on a windy day.Very fair i tell you so its important to apply just a thin layer.

Less is more.

wiping it off with a tissue.

My favourite - Etude House
The best coverage - Etude House
The sheerest coverage - Tony Moly

I hope this entry is helpful :) xoxo.


Rini Cesillia said...

nice comparison post, azwa..
on the contrary with you, i like TM more than EH ^^

dini ディーニ said...

nice review i really want to try that EH cc cream >.<

Azwa Amanina said...

@Rini Cesillia Thanks rini! :) Though i like EH the most,i dont think its the best of all. :O I REALLY want the face shop CC! :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@dini ディーニ aww you should buy it,its very cheap. ;)

aimee kheir said...

Very interesting and Great review! the color of HH is so Dark O_O and TM is pinkish but no coverage but EH is 35ml only and others 50ml hmmm..Anyway thank u for commenting on my blog, i followed u via Bloglovin :) i hope ur following me too ;) btw my name is aMiRa im muslim too hehe

~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

Azwa Amanina said...

@aimee kheir hi amira,nice to see a fellow sister here. :)alright,i'll follow back and Happy Eidul Fitr!! -3-

Gem said...

I only tried TM's CC cream and I didn't really like it. I think I wanna try Holika Holika's CC cream!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Gem I personally would recommend The Faceshop Aura CC Cream because i've heard so many good reviews about it. :)

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