Maybelline Color Tattoos by Eyestudio in #10 Fierce and Tangy Review

Hello cupcakes!

Its been a while,i know i know.But i was totally in no mood to do reviews lately simple because mum was almost never home at daytime and the items i've bought didn't reach my mail box yet. :/ 

However I did purchased a few drugstores products during my trip to KK a few weeks ago.Here's one of it.

Fyi,im so into orange shade lately,not sure why as the fall is coming and summer is coming to an end.

Actually,the Color Tattoos range has been in the market for a while but it only reached Malaysia's beauty department recently.I remember watching beauty guru's using this cream shadow in their YT tutorial like a year ago -___-

When i was considering my option,i almost buy the 'natural' shades like taupe or gold but i went against my gut lol.

This cream shadow comes in a glass jar and it looks expensive.It reminds me of NYX concealer in jar.

Considering the product inside that comes with the price (RM16.90 got discount that day),this is one worthy product if you're looking for a cheap,vivid and long lasting cream shadow.

What it looks like inside.

You have to be careful whenever you're using this product.Sometimes i over swiped it and it ended up like above picture.

Bear in mind the pigmentation is seriously intense!

There were clumps when i swatched it on the back of my hand,but dont worry because you can blend it out.

See,it is quite...fierce isn't it?

However,you also waste alot especially when you're blending the cream shadow.Or maybe its just a side effect of blending hehehe.

Im planning to collect all of the available shade.I have an oily lids and this does not crease eventhough i did not wear primer underneath the cream shadow.I would recommend this product to everyone! :)

I have no complaint with this product.So please go to the nearest drugstore around you and purchase this baby! -3-


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Steph said...

Wow, the pigmentation is excellent! Might get one soon, Thanks for sharing <3

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