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For the past few days or week,i've been working on this idea of making my own planner because ONE,the planner that was sold in the market is too damn boring and dull.TWO,they're pricey.THREE,i want to be more organized and independent for the coming semester.Considering how dull and expensive they are plus its already September,logically the 2013 planner is sooo 2013 (lol),i decided to make my own DIY planner.

Honestly,i was upset and agitated since 2-3 days ago because shit happens ok.So yesterday i poured out my heart,my soul,my every sweat(?) onto this project.I finished it in a day and i was impressed (and proud).Talking about channeling the negative energy to work heh.

What i want in my planner is something that looks cool and has an eye catching design.Of course i also wanted the content to be fully made to my liking such as to-buy-list,to-do-list,must-do-list,wishlist,bucket list and also the timetable for this semester's courses. (Damn do the manufacterers or their creative department never do a customer survey??)

Its really easy to make your own planner or journal.I bought a hardcover book and i make use of google image to find all of my materials.Lots of people (bloggers especially) are generous enough to share their planner template which are downloadable and free.Oh yes,free.

I like the idea page the most.I seriously praise that someone who made it FOC hehe.

i dont know what happened,i have properly rotated the pictures but once uploaded they all went..wild. -__-

Because i can,that's why.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Im goin' back to KL soon T__T


김가을 said...

LMAO THE TROLL FACE. Cute idea though! You should try ordering online for cute planners ^ u ^ 2cutestationery has quite a selection that are around $7 each ; u ;

Azwa Amanina said...

@김가을 Thanks Gaeul! :) I will definitely check out the website hehe.

turiscantik.com said...

hahahah Cute TOP!

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