❤ The Faceshop Aqua Color Control Cream in #2 Natural Beige ❤


I received my parcels last Monday.I purchased two cc creams from two famous brand - Banila Co. and The Faceshop.

I purchased both of 'em at Beautylov ee.Its a FB based online shop.The seller is very friendly and responsible.They are also having constant sale and most of their items are sold at an affordable price.Also the only seller who give out invoice (sent thru FB inbox).Do check them out guys!I think they're also ship to Singapore,not sure if they ship internationally.

Actually,i ordered the AURA cc cream so i was shocked when i realised that the cc i received was the AQUA but its okay.Its my fault for not reading the invoice carefully.I googled for its review but i found nothing! O.O So,am i the first person to review this?kekeke.

Product Claim

pictures source - iBuyBeauti

Hmm pretty impressive i must say,especially the cool-down skin temperature graph. :)


It looks simple,nothing fancy and i feel like it radiate a grown up feeling hehe.

On one side,it provides an instruction on how to change the refill while the other side there's the ingredients and benefits of this CC.


The CC comes in a compact powder case and its thick!
It's not heavy though,only 20g.

The upper case has the exact replica of the box cover,written in English.

On the back,it has the expire date,weight and the life span of the CC.


Tried and tested

This CC cover my redness effectively and instantly brighten up my skin.I don't notice any cooling effect or sensation upon applying it.My skin feels sticky after wearing it but it does not last,like 5minutes or so but i think it could be solved by applying powder afterwards.It has medium coverage and buildable which is rare in CC.It does not feel heavy on my skin and avoid using it at night since it has high SPF to avoid the white cast.


I purchased this item for 65.90 MYR (20 USD) and shipping is 10 MYR (3.05 USD) so the total is 23.05 USD.This is the cheapest price i've seen so far,some online shop even sell for as high as 101.50 MYR (30.99 USD).I heard the retail price is somewhere in between 119.90 - 129.90 MYR (~36 USD).

For a 20g product,its a bit pricey but considering how innovative the design was plus the added benefits in this CC,its acceptable.

Who Would Love This?

People who live in a hot tropical area like me (lol).I live in Malaysia and boy,we have only two season here - summer and monsoon season.Mostly its summer all year round so this CC is a good choice since it has SPF 50 +++.

People who wants an extra coverage with lighter texture on their skin.

People with an oily skin because it has ingredients to control sebum secretion.

Final Thoughts

I love this CC because of its portability and its effect on my skin.I would recommend you to buy this but opt for the Aura CC if you want lower SPF.I think the cooling skin effect is only a gimmick but who knows right?The sponge provided is washable and refill is available so i think all is well. :) 


What's your favourite CC??i really want to know so i could purchase it hehe.


Ari said...

This looks like a great makeup base. :) I have yet to try any CC cream!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Ari Yes it is but it can be burdensome since it has SPF 50,maybe you could try the Aura CC. :)

fyna shafinatul said...

bestnya! nak try juga nanti.tq for review =)

Nuraini Munira Jalir said...

Hi Azwaa. Mula-mula ingat awak review Face It Aura Color Control Cream. Turns out Aqua eh? But still, I think this is a great review.

Anyway, I love the buildable coverage! Especially if I want to cover my redness. On the Tried and Tested section, your skin looks glowing! Which is a bonus I guess.

I followed your blog so I hope you can keep posting great reviews.

Ah, if you asked me, my favorite CC cream right now is the Face It Aura Color Control Cream in Medium Beige. Looks great on my skin and you're right, since I'm not out in the sun that much, I opted for this one instead.

xx, Mira.

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