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I am sooo outdated,most bloggers had already own this CC but me??i just received it last monday umhaha.Hipster much kekeke.

I also found out that Banila Co. has already released another it Radiant CC for Men -5- Perfect for your guy friends or lover. :)
Product Claim

source - ibuybeauti.com


The box has a combination of white and hot pink color.Has it not the pink color,which makes it girly and polished.


This CC comes with a dispenser pump just like any other CCs in the market.Its a good thing because it prevents the content from oxidizing and hygienic.

The backside.

I'm surprised because this CC is so tiny T__T When i first hold this CC,i feel like the tube was made from a cheap plastic material and when i sniff the tube (believe me,i did) it smells so..chemicalish :O

One more,this company/brand is very patriotic because everything is in Korean,even the ingredients keke.


It looks a bit yellowish but still on the white side (if that make sense).

Its very light,almost like my Tony Moly Pure Aura CC but the pure aura is a lil' bit thicker. :)

I didn't notice any color changing effect,nor did i notice the tiny capsules that cosmetics company always highlight in their CCs.

Tried and tested

As i mention before,this CC is very very light (but not runny).However,the coverage is very very poor.The texture is very light weight.As for whitening,i cant see it yet lol.Brightening?yes!This is perfect for makeup base and when you want to fake healthy skin (we are the X generation,we dont sleep early hehe)


[Online purchase] 65 MYR (16.57 USD) excluding shipping for 30ml tube is a lil bit expensive.Etude House CC comes in a 35ml tube with the price of 40++ MYR (12++ USD).But a little goes a long way,plus this CC receive a hell of compliments from various magazines and makeup artist.

Who Would Love This?

Anyone who wants light feeling on their skin and for everyday use.

Anyone with minimal scars and blemishes because this CC didn't have coverage at all. :(

Anyone with dry skin because this CC is very moisturizing. :)

Final Thoughts

Neutral.I think the only reason it become a best selling CC is because Jessica is endorsing this brand hehe.I did love its gentleness on my skin,i cannot emphasize more on how light weight this CC is.I dont think it has a color changing properties and it has a faint scent which i can't describe what it is.Its small so i can carry it around.



my last entry before departing to KL :'(


Nella P said...

Nice review.


Nabilah said...

Always wanted to try this CC cream but I think I'm gonna skip it because of it's poor coverage. Honestly, I prefer BB cream than CC cream. Great review btw! :)

Rini Cesillia said...

hi azwa, i almost purchased this cc cream but didn't because i like bb cream better :D
so compared to tony moly pure aura cc cream, which one is better? ^^


Born2cute said...

Aww I still think it looks pretty :3 maybe next time you should put it only on your lips?

cunggie said...

I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.
Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here
Drop by :D www.cunggie.com

oh and my friends always ask where to buy
www.mootta.com is actually selling internationally now !

Azwa Amanina said...

@cunggie YES!it feels like i cant get enough of it ^-^ thanks for dropping by cunggie! <3

Azwa Amanina said...

@Born2cute Actually,i become fond of it because it was lightweight and give the most natural finish hehe. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Rini Cesillia I would say it depends on your skin.both of them are water base but i would definitely say Banila Co. is more lightweight.

Azwa Amanina said...

@Nabilah Yep,but some days i love to wear CC cream only because of its moisturizing effect. :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Nella P Thanks Nella. :)

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