☮ Street Fashion ☮

Bello! (Minion's version of hello haha)

Im sorry for the loooong hiatus.I dont have any device to snapshot the products i intend to review and i must say,the WiFi here is...causing high blood pressure to me.Therefore,i will be utilizing google image for this entry umhaha.

Anyway i kinda found out that im very fond of street fashion because its chic,vibrant,youthful and everything nice. :D

Why i want a latex-rubber look-a-like pants.

How nice,a cinderella skirt.I'd probably look like a misfit IF i wear one but it turn out so good in this picture. ;A;

Im a legit pants person.I feel like i have the ultimate freedom with pants but of course,once in a while i do take interest in skirts.

sources - LINK 1 | LINK 2 | LINK 3

p/s - this entry took me 2 weeks to be completed FML.

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