NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Review

Hello readers!

I bought this during my recent visit to Sephora. I don't fancy the brow on fleek trend on Youtube as I prefer the straight brow popularized by K-pop idols. Plus I never take brows seriously despite the 'your brows can frame your face' claim. But now I think its time to polish my brow game. So I decided to buy this little guy.

The shade I own is Espresso.

The packaging is direct and simple without any fancy claims or decoration. It almost looks like a mascara tube except its much shorter,probably by 1-2 cm.

The brush looks identical to a spooly brush. It does not feel flimsy yet its not as dense as your normal spooly brush.

I chose Espresso because it was the darkest shade available at the store.

My brow hairs are black and it goes on thick at the middle and sparse at the end. I have trouble using brow products because 1) I don't pluck or shave my brows 2) No products have enough coverage to cover my dark brows.

Usually it went off awkward because the contrast between my black brows against the product are striking. Its like I have to different eyebrow colours -___-

The pigmentation is daebak! It covers my sparse area wonderfully. It takes about 1 minute to dry completely and dark enough to harmonize with my natural colour. However precision is difficult to achieve since the brush is fairly big for the brows. It doesn't have any noticeable scent and it does not make the brows feel crisp/hard. I can't comment on its longevity and waterproof ability though. I've only worn this at maximum 6 hours and its still looking good. No smudge,no fading. 

So overall,I think I have found my eyebrow staple item. I've been wearing this every single day for the past few weeks. Sometimes I use it on its own whenever I'm too lazy to fill 'em in. I highly recommend this item for you,you and you! :D


ieyra h. said...

My eyebrows are so sparse and they are everywhere. :< not sure whether this product would work on me but may I know how much it retails at Sephora?

ieyra | babysoulz.blogspot.com

Izzati said...

Oh I want this! I didn't notice this at my local Sephora

Azwa Amanina said...

@ieyra h. Its around RM30++ :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Izzati I accidentally discovered the new collection when i was visiting the shop. Its not even on Sephora FB page. :C

Jenny Fleur said...

Which sephora u pegi babe? Nak try jugak! Plus, i also LOVE k-brows. Looks more youthful!

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jenny Fleur hi! I pegi sephora midvalley. :)

Gabriela said...

Oooh, I definitely need to try out this product!

I've been so obsessed with finding the perfect eyebrow mascara, lately. Maybe this will be the one? ^^

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