Tony Moly Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion in #2 Cooling Beige


I've been sick for the past few days and today i had the worst fever T__T do you know how much i've suffered sitting in an air conditioned class for an hour with my raging fever?! T__T even my finger nails turned purplish.

I recently purchased a few cosmetics that had caught my eyes,partially because some of them were featured in Get It Beauty.

This time i bought from another Facebook based shop Etude House&Innisfree&OPI&Laneige&TonyMoly&Missha&Skinfood.I know the shop's name is unusual but judging from their (1000+) likes and picture proofs i assumed they have a good reputation.

My parcel took almost 4 weeks to arrive and every items were wrapped with bubble wrap.The seller is friendly,answering all my questions and concern.However i only got 3 free samples though,i was hoping i got more but that's fine (haha typical malaysian).

I like how they put almost all items of certain brand in the photo album,makes browsing easier.All in all i'd recommend this shop to my readers especially my malaysian readers.Do check 'em out!
Product Advertorial

cool but moist and no sticky adhesion to skin
world surprising new concept aqua aura cooling CC
Water mist + sun block + foundation + cooling + primer + whitening + wrinkle improvement + aqua aura = 8 in 1 Multi-sun CC Cream

Not sure what the 'aqua aura' property suppose to mean. 

Product Design

This CC has 60 ml content yet it is very light and it reminds me of your regular aerosol spray. :)
It is actually pretty small in size but still considered bulky.
Bulky yet light. :)

As for the sponge,it is also quite small and i personally think its just a regular sponge you buy from the convenience store :)

How the sponge look like after one application.

The product concentrated on the centre of the sponge which i dont really fond of.


The CC is too pale for my skintone :(

My Thoughts

I love the concept,i seriously love it.When they say -4 degree celcius,i thought it was just a propaganda.When i tried it myself i was totally shocked as the cc really has an icy sensation.It was also very light.However i was disappointed it didn't match my skintone at all.It was way too pale and unnatural.Boo!Im quite fair myself but still,it looks unflattering.It also has a strong synthetic fragrance.I dont mind it but some people hate it.If only this CC has more shade.Also the sponge is quite problematic.Since the product concentrated in the center,its difficult to spread the product evenly on my face.I dont think the sponge is helping at all.I have to re-apply so that its even on my face.Maybe my technique was wrong,idk.I'll probably use this as my base makeup lols.


I bought this for 51 MYR.Its quite cheap considering this CC has an awesome concept.But i think it cost 100++ MYR at their official outlet.So i would recommend you girls to buy online.

Who Might Like This?

People with seriously fair skin.

People who live in a hot and humid area.



What do you think of this CC??

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