Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Black and Turqoise

Hello readers.

This is a short review.I've been looking for a cheap colored liquid eyeliner and I finally found it! :D This eyeliners are so cheap,17.90 MYR.

I love how pointy the tip are,making this eyeliners precise.It does not have any distinct smell.However i do feel like my eyelids are stretched after the eyeliner dry up.That is the only downside of this eyeliner.Its also easy to remove.


This is how i wear the eyeliners,both black and turqoise eyeliners are both from Maybelline.

Overall,I like this eyeliners. <3

  •  Very very very cheap
  •  Pointy tip,hence its precise
  •  Does not clump
  •  Dry out pretty faster
  •  Very vivid/pigmented
  •  Easy to remove
  •  When the eyeliner dry up,it makes my eyelids stretched


Nella P said...

the turquoise looks gorgeous.

alyaabybie said...

beauty la kok~ :)

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