Benefit Primping With The Stars Kit Review


okay this is a kit i've bought a few months ago.I bought it from Metrojaya,Midvalley for 115 MYR or 125 MYR (39 USD).

Benefit is a high end brand.A tube of mascara costs around 80 MYR (24 USD) and that is wayyy too much for a stingy person like me lol.So i figure if i buy the kit version,i'll save a lot of money.Eventhough they come in smaller tubes,i dont mind because generally cosmetics took forever to finish up. :D

Beware,this is a loooooooooooooooooong entry.

the box is quite thick but small enough to fit into your baggage (and light weight too!).
If you're going on a vacation,this kit will definitely saves up space.

Here's what it looks like once you front cover.
There are 6 products inside and tips/tricks to apply them is also included.

1 - Stay Don't Stray (26 USD = 84 MYR)
2 - The POREfessional (30 USD = 97 MYR)
3 - Some Kind-A Gorgeous (Medium) (30 USD = 97 MYR)
4 - Benetint (30 USD = 97 MYR)
5 - Girl Meets Pearl (30 USD = 97 MYR)
6 - They're Real! Mascara (23 USD = 74 MYR)

Bear in mind,the retail price is slightly higher than stated above because i took the prices from

I remember that The POREfessional was sold at 115 MYR at Metrojaya,Midvalley.
Fret not readers,higher price also comes with a bigger tube size. ;) So dont feel pressured by the price,unless you're not Tony Fernandes's daughter lol.

4 of the products are Benefit's popular items.
// The Porefessional
// Benetint
// They're Real! Mascara
// Girl Meets Pearl

A mirror that i hardly use. :P

This is the tips/tricks i was talking about.

Swatches below.
Sorry,5 is suppose to be the Girl Meets Pearl instead of Benefit They're Real Mascara.
I forgot to swatch it -____-

now moving on to individual reviews.

  • The POREfessional

Such a wonderful pore filler!It effectively cover up my enlarged pores on cheeks and nose.Its also very concentrated that i only need a small dot (like the swatch above) to cover on one area of my cheek.My adivce - SPLURGE!
  • Benetint
This tint is for cheeks and lips.Actually the pigmentation is very sheer on my cheeks.However its buildable on my lips.Unless you smear a small amount of BB cream on the corner of your lips,it looks like you have a very natural reddish lip colour.It taste like rose -3-
  • They're Real! Mascara
The blackiest toughest mascara i've ever owned.Its not heavy,non-sticky and looks so natural.The applicator has pointy spherical tip to curl and separate the lashes.But there's a catch,its difficult to remove.I have to scrub my lashes pretty hard to remove the mascara erghhh.

  • Stay Dont Stray 
This is a concealer and eyeshadow primer.Im neutral to this product because i can't find and flaws but at the same time,it didn't help me either.However,sometimes i use this to even out my eyelids colour.

  • Girl Meets Pearl
Okay,the only reason this is my least favourite because liquid highlighters will only highlight the oiliness on my skin.No matter how little amount i applied them.I tend to leave this product untouched.

  • Some Kind-A Gorgeous (Medium)
A cream to powder foundation faker.I love how light it feels on my skin,not to mention it looks goh-jes on my skin.I also don't need to apply powder afterward.But once i perspire/sweat,this foundation faker (god,such a long name) comes off together with it. =_____= i didn't even wipe my face with the tissue,only patting it lightly but the tissue still become a brown mess erghhhh.

it looks a bit dark on the pan.

Test drive on my face :D

haha thanks for reading readers mmuah!


nurina adhalia said...

your so pretty dear, x

hazel said...

i'd like to try this! :D

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