△ Day 1 - Efforts △

Hugs and Kisses.

As promised,this will be the very first entry for my 7DOO project.

You reap what you sow

For every action,there is an equal reaction

You get exactly what you deserve for at the moment,now.I believe hard work will never betray me.

However,sometimes i took things for granted.I simply dispose my priority just because i thought i have enough time.Truth is,there is time but it is not enough.Then i would feel guilty and start re-prioritize then dispose it again and again.

Every day im bombarded with so-called stuffs to do when in reality i spend most of my time on the internet and sleeping.I tell myself 'ok i'll do this after i ______' but i find that once i procastinate,it would be hard to keep on track.Worse,i hardly done anything to force myself to get things done in the first place.I indulge myself,convincing myself it would be done 'later'.

Because most of us are so used to mediocrity we think its ok to just pass the tests,its ok to get at least a 3.0 pointer,saying exams are not everything and not a way of life,its ok to be stagnant,to keep things just the way they are but really,deep inside we all know we can change,if only we put just a little more effort and faith.

Of course,some people hardly make any effort but they get all the gold and glory but to compare yourself with another human being is a great mistake.We are all different,and Allah always has His way of giving you lessons.Things may look pretty bad now but it will get better because eventually it all come back to you,how you handle and cope with the situation.

Don just blindly doubled your effort without a plan.Its like covering your eyes while you're playing golf.If you're a student,dont simply burn the midnight oil by studying alone,trying to understand bits of fact by yourself.It wont work,trust me.I've been there.Ask your friend to explain,you would be surprise how glad they are to help and teach you.Do a study group instead of sitting alone in the corner,pretending like you could digest the whole book by yourself.That's foolish.

You'll be surprised how little effort could give a big impact on your daily progress.Im in no position to brag but personally,i could see the changes myself.I feel good of myself whenever i realized i made effort to do something,no matter how little it was.

So,i want to encourage you to at least give effort to anything you do right now,just a little more than you usually give.

Be it your school project,

your assignments,thesis,

your tests,exams,

to lose weight,

your interviews,hobbies.


Give it a try.

anyway,i just upload a new video.

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