Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow in #1 Light Beige

hello cupcakes.

This is my current eyebrow maker.I hardly use it since i have a naturally thick brows.I bought this at Watsons sale.It has been in the market for awhile but i didn't start to shape my brows until recently (during my college's dinner).

I guess i was drawn to it because i've seen so many pretty light-colored brows hehe,especially the korean. :P It was written in Japanese all over but luckily the distributor paste on a translation on the backside.It comes with a plastic metal looking case.I was deceived :O

Lightest color (left) = nose shaping (i dont really see the effect though) 
Middle = along the brow
Right = 1/3 of the outer brow

It comes with a dua (mini) brush.Personally,i have nothing against it.


This is suitable for a light haired ladies with a thin brow *nods* 


i feel like my energy was somehow drained... -____-

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