[Travel] Malacca Trip


on Saturday,13th of May 2013,me and Izah went to Malacca.It was a short trip,nevertheless its worth it.We had our lunch at Amcorp Mall before starting our journey.

Malacca is such a beautiful,historical place.The central city (pusat bandaraya) is like the past combined with the present.Old buildings have that 70's design,mostly colourful in paint yet washed out due to time.Even some new buildings were built to look like retro-ish style,or maybe it was just repainted haha.

We only managed to visit A Famosa and the places nearby.It was awfully warm,i was a sweating mess lol.There's tons of heavily decorated 'beca',a three-wheeled vehicle(?) with installed speakers which will blast out songs during the ride.TECHNOLOGY.

One thing i realized,Malacca has too many 'pintu gerbang' lol (what is pintu gerbang in english anyway?)

This is a long entry,i thought of making it into two parts but i have tons of entries coming.i did not upload everything though :)

Our first pit stop.
The leftover of St. Michael Church

is it dead?
no,its napping lol.

they were performing 'anak kampung' and the children were amused.

this is beca.

this T-Rex is sooo random,and it was the only dinosaur there.

it was blazing hot guys.

i shouldn't be taking picture at a stone graved with dead people's name.

going home happily~ 

I sincerely enjoyed this trip and well,next time maybe its time to travel with public transportation. :)

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