Is this a makeup tutorial?

hello cupcakes!!

I feel like i should show you guys how you could get a nice,flawless makeup using my Etude House products hehe.Plus i want to play around with my new babies. :)

Firstly,if you dont have a perfect skin,dont weep! its completely normal.enlarge pores?acnes?super oily skin?everyone has their own issues.the correct way to banish these problems are by finding suitable skincare products and with a little touch of makeup. *winks*

do you know ulzzang?no?google it.they're extremely fair,sharp jaws,porcelain like skin,big eyes and plump lips.


dont be shocked if its actually the makeup and photoshop who did wonders on them. dont believe me?watch this video.

I had so much fun doing this and i hope you find it useful,informative and...kawaii? =3= lets get started!



Rini Cesillia said...

Hello Azwa, thank you for commenting on my blog ^^
you did a great job, yes it's a tutorial :D
add lens and the look is complete, you will look more kawaii ^^

Azwa Mislan said...

@Rini Cesillia thanks rini! :) my eyes are sensitive so im not really a fan.your blog is awesome as well!

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