The Faceshop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream Review

Hello unicorns!

This is like my first skincare product review in 2014. :) I got this baby during the Christmas sale,as usual they're having a buy 1 free 1 promotion.Actually my aunt bought this for me.So its like a christmas present?kekeke.

Anyway,i've been using this for almost a month so i figure now is a good time to review this before i use it up. 


Unfortunately,i failed to gain any official advertorial about this product.Do check out their official website to find out more about this cream. :)

Design and Packaging

Im not familiar with mushroom extract to be honest with you guys.

The glass bottle is quite heavy and bulky.It comes with a thick glass bottle which i think wont break unless you throw it like y'know..a pitch lol.Oh,the bottle is translucent and the faux metal cap is so deceiving, makes the product much much more posh than its supposed to be.
(Makes me feel rich lol)

Expire date was printed on the bottom of the bottle.
Is this even a bottle??
What do you call this thing?I have no ideaaaaa.

Once de-cap,there's an extra cover which i personally think to prevent spillage and keeping the edges clean.

Well,its almost finished because i use this cream after cleansing my face.


I need to clarify this,it has a thick texture but not sticky.


My Thoughts

First and foremost,although this is a cream,it does not leave my skin feels sticky and oily at all.Its more towards hydration because once rubbed,you can feel the water residue instead of the oil residue.Which means,it is suitable for daily usage :) It took only 1-2mins before it completely dry and the glass packaging really help in cooling down the cream's temperature so you'll get this nice (natural) cooling effect.Initially i thought this cream cause me an allergic reaction since my skin would get so dry and peel but i continued anyway and over time,the event did not re-occur so i thought this cream is NOT the cause.It didn't really minimize my pore but it definitely control my oily complexion.Maybe its the combination of my skincare regime but i think this product did play a role in minimizing it.Honestly,ever since i use this cream my oily complexion was less visible.For example,my face would get visibly oily when i didn't wear any makeup after 3-4 hours.But now,it was drastically better.Even when im wearing makeup,the oil secretion was not as bad as before.I know it seems too good to be true but this product do wonders on me.My skin also suffered frequent tiny white heads especially around my nose.Ever since i wear this cream,the white heads did not re-appear much more longer after i exfoliate thoroughly (using baking soda).However this cream has a heavy synthetic fragrance,though i dont really mind it.And i feel it finishes up to fast lol.


This was sold at RM 55.90 which is affordable compared to Etude House.Seriously,Etude House's skincare cost like an average RM70++ -___- Considering the effect it gave on me,this is definitely a steal.

Who Would Love This?

Anyone who likes natural-based product.

Anyone who has oily skin (like me)

Anyone who's still looking for a facial cream :)



What's your favourite facial cream?

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