The Faceshop Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo in NB25

Aloha cupcakes!

Another baby i got during the Christmas sale last year.And my aunt bought this for me (Kudos to my aunt!!) Get It Beauty featured The Faceshop Duo Concealer as the best concealer voted by the 'better girls'.I thought this is the concealer they were talking about.Turned out i was wrong,the one that was featured was from another line T__T whatever.

*gonna skip the advertorial part since i find nothing

Design and Packaging

I personally think the cream concealer is alot more darker than the liquid one but still,on the fair spectrum side. :)

The liquid concealer comes with the typical doe applicator,nothing special.

It was clean and clear before but as i continue to use the concealer,the doe tip will accidently brushes against the wall and hence the messiness.What a fucking waste.


left - liquid , right - stick

My Thoughts

The product i have is the darkest shade available in this line but it is still fair.It has very little difference with the lighter shade.If only another darker shade is available,it would definitely fit my skintone.The packaging is very simple,green cap with transparent tube and its quite slender.The coverage is buildable but it can look cakey especially with the cream concealer.To boost its coverage,sometimes i use my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach before topping it up with the concealer.I would recommend you to wear a primer underneath this concealer because i find that this concealer has a tendency to slide to the lines under my eyes.As for the smell,i think it smells floral-ish??or something...fresh.I have a slight problem with the packaging of the liquid concealer.As you can see,it gets very messy there.Kinda unhygenic blerhhh.It do cover my eyebags but like...75% of it (only).With primer,it can stays for 5-6 hours maximum.


I think this is almost 50 MYR??and you get two products,its like Buy 1 Free 1 hihi.

Who Would Like This?

Anyone with minor to medium dark circles.



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Nella P said...

I saw many YT gurus use this. Too bad that it isn't work well on you.

Check my blog if you mind.

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