[OOTD] Girls Day Out!


OOTD means Outfit Of The Day.

seriously,i came to know this term only last week D: anyway,im back in KL and im already missing Sabah :'( a few days before my flight i went to KK with Ray,my bestie.

when it comes to going out i want total comfort with my clothes,i dont want any fabrice that interfere my skin perspiration or too heavy fashion. *shakes head* i mean,i dont wanna look awkward in my own clothes.

awks pose.


what im wearing

1. white ruffled studded blazer bought from my dear friend online shop
2. sleeveless moustache shirt (very thin i had to wear inner) bought from Berjaya Times Square (RM10)
3. Acid washed jeans from the flea market at my hometown (RM20)
4. Nude boat shoes from DOSS (RM39.90)
5. Color block bag bought from Berjaya Times Square (RM25)
6. Bawal Shawl (RM10)

(red background in conjunction with Chinese New Year yay)

the bag is multi-handling functional(?).so i opt to change how i wear it over time.it can be a backpack too.

its not really studded but i dont know what else should i call it puahaha forgive my bad vocab aka fashion term.

we arrived even before the shop was open umhaha.

my friend went with a much simplicity.

1.plaid shirt with black inner
2.dark washed jeans
3.sneakers from Cotton On
4. Bawal shawl
5. Black leather sling bag

she shopped a lot! ;P

this is my first OOTD entry and i hope its not an epic failure :O
nevertheless,im gonna make OOTD post every once in a while.

what's your outing fashion?


F. Quonita said...

btw that jeans just seems so effin' wrong -.- should've used the skinny one lol

adibahfaizah said...

Love the moustache shirt :) bru je bli shirt moustache yg bru last wednsdy .

Azwa Mislan said...

@F. Quonita :D yeah,skinny jeans would be more perghhhhh

Azwa Mislan said...

@adibahfaizah awww,ye ke?post a pic please!! :)

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