Liole Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream Review and collections of BB cream (BB Craze!!)


i was away for a few days because of the wifi connection. *sigh*

my parcel arrived last wednesday.i bought a BB cream online and its quite expensive. -.- 70 MYR.


this BB cream come with a hard bottle and a pump.its light weight and very attractive.even the name itself is attention seeker!dollish veil vita BB cream.veil vita = gorgeous purple


unlike other BB cream,this product is in pale will cancel the redness on your face.but it doesn't look green at all once looks very natural.for its smell,of course its scented.i like it,nuff said.

//my experience

i usually apply only a thin amount of BB cream on my face.normally i will squirt out about the size of the swatch picture above for my entire face.i was surprised because i feel like it wasn't enough after one application.i dont know,maybe its just me because most of the reviews i read about this product are positive.also,whenever i use other BB product my face will drastically change to one or two shade lighter (bertambah puteh laa) but with this product,it didn't.i guess that's a good news but im used to the perception of BB cream will make my skin fairer that it slightly disappoint me when this product didn't meet my 'fair' expection lmao.its pricey,70 MYR for only 30 ml is definitely not for students budget *nods* i personally think the only thing that makes this BB so pricey is because of its packaging XD


no,too pricey.



side note - i might redo this review,maybe the first time i tried it i wasn't careful to inspect every element.

currently this is my BB cream.The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BB cream is my first BB cream for 30++ MYR.of all this BB my favourite one is 4,Holika Holika Watery Petit BB cream because of its thick texture and excellent does change my skintone drastically which what i expect from BB skin is not compatible with 3,Maybelline New York Pure makes red patches(?) on my skin and its very itchy so i rarely use it.Skin Food Good Afternoon Lemon BB Cream is an awesome product too,it looks a bit darker than my skintone but it fits perfectly after application.for 1,it makes my skin become fairer too.i dont have any breakouts from any of them except 3.

i am thinking of changing my skincare products since the current one is not doing its job using oxy products and i think its time for me to change it since my skin aged as i aged too.i've been using oxy since i was 16 and im gonna be 20 this year. :)

till then,bye folks!


atilia hana said...

hai hai. I'm very interested in cosmetics jugak but I'm scared those thingy will make my face got acne. Agak agak, untuk orang yang muka berjerawat and have some parut sesuai pakai yang mana ea from 5 BB u bought tu?

Azwa Mislan said...

@atilia hana Holika Holika,cos texture BB tu thick n in my opinion mmg bagus kalau nak sembunyi parut.tapi kalau nak lagi up,guna foundation. :) n concealer.

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