[2 in 1] Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam #1 (Gold) and Where To Highlight Your Face

greetings readers. *bows*

I bought this product last year during a shopping trip at Berjaya Times Square >> read the entry here << OMG that is just so 2012 xD 

it is quite bulky,and it comes with a cute mirror (which i hardly use lmao).

hardly seen once blended.

for its price (RM 49.90),its surely a worth it product.plus,Etude House was having sale that time so i got 20% discount (hooray!).the packaging is really classy(?) 

when i put it on,i didn't have any breakout.however my skin get super oily hence i only wear this occasionally.maybe it's not for the oily type (my skin is extremely oily).

probably no.this one is not even half yet!

it has this unexplain scent which i actually fond of.its not sweetie or fruittie,just..something.


now onto our lesson...

where should we highlight our face??

source - google
i'll show you guys properly later on (with my own faceu!)

basically we higlight our faces to enhance our features.


tips - apply with adequate amount to avoid the unwanted "shine"

gently blend in the product,concentrating on the marked areas in the previous pictures.



my face get glowy obviously.


presenting to you my favourite cardigan at the moment.

a black studded cardigan

thank you for reading!

comment below,please?

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