DIY - Lips Scrub With Home Ingredients


im currently at home,which Sabah whewww so happy to be back. ^^ city life can be quite suffocating i must say. *nod nod*

my lips got chappy and it looks so ugly whenever i put on lip tint or lipstick. -.-

THIS is a chappy lips.

anyway,i googled/Youtubed for a home remedy and i think i found one that's really effective (because i tried for myself duh)

 ingredients you'll need are...

  • honey
  • sugar
  • vaseline
  • small container
  • facial bowl (you can use the ordinary bowl,spoon etc)

 take a tablespoon of sugar (ordinary sugar by the way)

then a tablespoon of honey

pour the honey into the bowl with sugar

then,scoop a plentiful of vaseline

mix well with the sugar and should look something like this.

transfer into the small container

and voila,your DIY lip scrub!

i applied the lips scrub right away and it feels soapy and heavy on your lips.
scrub your lips,the sugar will work as the exfoliator while the honey and vaseline will moisten your lips.

after that,simply wipe off the scrub with tissues.

after that,use any lip balm of your choice.
in my case it's the peri's tint.

i forgot to take pictures of my before-after lips. -.- sorry guys.

goodbye readers,i will update more from now on!

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