How To - cover dark circles with concealer

hello cherries,

first of all,this How-to is really-really important because i honestly don't know aka no confidence to wear concealers until recently.often times either the concealer didn't match my skin resulting an awkward colour around my under eyes or the concealer creased,which ruin my whole look. :'( 

take note,panda eyes (sounds cuter isn't it lol) can be reduced.check my entry HERE.i personally tried the freezed towel method and it really worked. *nods* but im unable to practice it when im in college hence my dark circles are back and the reason why im doing this entry.

useful tips

/choose concealer that is warmer aka darker than your skin colour/

this is my favourite concealer so far.cost me RM19.90
Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Concealer.

1.start off with a clean face.

2. swipe a little amount of the conecealer on the back of your hand.
do not apply directly on the skin with the brush (for hygiene purpose)

3. apply evenly on your dark circles

if you apply thress dots on the right eyes,do the same to the left eye.

4. dab the concealer instead of swiping it,the heat from your finger will melt the concealer and blend it with your skin colour.


5. set the concealer with compact powder (any brand).this is necessary to prevent the concealer from creasing.

Lovely ME:EX BB Pact (i forgot the price)

i hope this entry helps much as i want to make videos,i dont have cameras and so on -.-


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F. Quonita said...

oh begitu pula cara pakai tu hahaha

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