Back to my elementary school - SK Lohan

hai readers.

a few days ago,i went to my old my very very first school Sekolah Kebangsaan Lohan,Ranau. :) a lot of things and landscape had changed but some remain the same,like the toilet? xD

kids these days,urghhh.when i was still a student,there was NO these kinds of vandalisme.

see that statue there??we used to sit there during recess,eating our nasi lemak while watching the fishes lmao.

apparently,icecream is FORBIDDEN.
i was like what the actual fug?!
you're not living a real life if there is no icecream at school!!!

this used to be the teacher's its the ko-kum room.

there is a goddamn open hall on the field where we used to line up every monday.

this is what sabahan call 'gong'.

just a river where i used to catch berudu aka tadpoles,i even showered here umhaha.

50 cents (too salty) :/

and the glorious way of eating nasi lemak muehehe.

till then!babai~


Nurulee said...

Tk pernah lagi jumpa nasi lemak packing camtu. hee.

Azwa Mislan said...

@Nurulee kannn..kat KL lain packaging dia. :)

adibahfaizah said...

Such a nice view dekat sabah. siap ada sungai2 bgai. terasa lapar tengok n.lemak tuhhh =,=. btw, apa function gong bnyk2 tu ?

Azwa Mislan said...

@adibahfaizah biasanya kena guna utk sambut org2 kenamaan or waktu kawin.

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