[review] Peripera Water Lip Tint #1 Cherry Juice

hello readers! c:

i bought this a few days ago and im already falling in love with this tint!

it comes in three different colours #1 Cherry Juice, #2 Pink Juice, #3 Orange Juice.unfortunately there's only #1 in stock that day. u____u i really want #3,im sick of pink lips LOL.

is that running man in the background?? u____u

it costs RM29.90 for 6.5ml which is very very worth it because you need only little amount to appply on your lips.the only reason im interested with this product is because Mari Kim design the art.she worked with 2NE1 and yeahhh..pretty much that's it.I also bought their tint balm which is so-so.i don't really like it but gonna make a review soon!

Le Opinion ;

it produce a very vivid and pretty colour.among tony moly etude and peripera,i like this peri's the most.from the picture,my lips look naturally healthy and unpale :3 it gives you the korean lips you yearn for. on the other hand,it makes my lips dry and a bit chappy.so make sure to scrub off your lips first okay!the staying power is also very satisfying.its my favourite tint so far *nod nod*

oh by the way,you can buy Peripera products from your nearest Watson store. :)

p/s : i notice there's very few of malaysian blogger doing reviews on makeup..or i never know their existence?? :P 

babai,gonna deal with exam's pressure now.


Sya Chot .. said...

nape berdarah bibir tu..huhu

#done follow here :)

Isabel said...

actually the colour looks pretty sheer. Wonder if it will show on my lips =(

cookiejou said...

I was actually pretty satisfied with the colour! https://twitter.com/WAKARIMASENu_u/status/38898858151707033

Priya M said...

Looks great on you! Where can i get this product in KL? :)Btw, just followed your blog! Would be really awesome if you follow me back too xoxo


Azwa Amanina said...

@Priya M You can buy this at any SASA outlet,its pretty cheap now. :)

Aqilah Azmi said...


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