tips to survive university and college

a very good evening i bid to all of you readers.

as a result of boredom during APK,i decided to make this entry.

  • a bottle of water

imagine if you walk on foot from your college to your faculty (in this case applied to me),you will need this.classes in U is different from has a laaaaaaaarge gap in between two class is on 8am another one on 3pm.sounds great??no.the weather can be hot as hell.buying canned drinks every time you're feeling thirsty is not a good strategy. 

  • umbrella!

even if you can ride the shuttle bus,the 'waiting-for-the-bus' period is not gonna be pleasant if you're not beneath your pretty umbrella,especially at this season.its raining almost every single me,i've been there.

  • multi-tasking,large compartment bag

alright guys.every thursday,for 3weeks i have to jammed my bag with my big ass laptop,a lab coat,a goggles,my pencil case,note book and a mini towel.all for a lab class!sometimes i need to jammed in the umbrella too.can you imagine how important for you to have a large compartment bag?FORGET THE FANCY BAGS,you need convenience.

  • a comfortable foot wear

who wants blisters and sore feet at the end of the day?


don't hesitate to wear a sports shoes but please be aware of which attire do you match it seriously you match sport shoes with baju kurung???NOT COOL.


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