Skin Care Alert!!! (Holika Holika Travel Special Kit & Hada Labo Trial Kit)


here goes an unplan entry.

a few entries before,i told you about changing my skincare products so im gonna share to you my findings(?) (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) 

did you know that you can make your own skincare products?from cleansing foam to moisturizer?ahah its all in Google darling.

anyway,i still bought the chemically manufactured products just because its so main stream i kinda used to it. *am i the only one?*

originally Suria Sabah have Tony Moly but sadly it was closed either for renovation or it flunk. *sigh* and im very very disappointed with Etude House at 1Borneo.its very dirty and most of the items are out dated (◔_◔) 

i've only started using this Holika Holika Kit since this morning (⊙ω⊙) so i can't give any comments (yet),skincare takes longer time to works.i'll be providing you pictures and vague description on the products.

Holika Holika Travel Special Kit (and i thought its Special Travel Kit lol) (RM 35 @ any Holika Holika booth)

all in hangul so its a down mark for most of Holika Holika products.they dont provide translation,even if it does it contain very little description.

at the front,its Jung Il Woo while at the back there's also SISTAR (i love them!!) and the product's ingredients.

surprisingly this shower gel didn't form bubbles even after i squish a big amount of it on my sponge.
:( but it smells so nice.

i thought the cleanser will be black in colour or at least have a black particles in it but has white colour and very it just me or Korean cleansing products didn't make your skin feels tighten after its usage?? 

Toner and Emulsion (moisturizer)

The toner is a bit thick but overall i like it both.

apparently i have an oily skin so yay for this one.although i haven't been using this one (some say its too fair),im pretty impressed because this actually can be a substitute to my BB routine.

Hada Labo Trial Kit (RM 19 @ Watsons)

Hada Labo is a japanese product and i was so intrigued to try this product but its so expensive. D: so when i saw this kit on the rack i practically snatch it lmao.i'll try this later on after the Holika Holika products.

till then,xoxo.

p/s ; so harlem shake,anyone?? :P
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