Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow | #1 Deep Brown

Hi y'all!

A while ago, Peripera has came out with several "ink" range including the well loved Ink Tint. Naturally I'm intrigued to try the Ink Brow because I heard the Ink Tint is truly budge proof. Contrary to the Peri's Ink Tint which features Mari Kim's graphics, the Ink Brow features an owl with bushy brows. 

The packaging design is A+. I love the color combination and the bottle looks fancy af. It comes a giant version of water drop bottle but it's quite different on the inside. I bought it for RM45.90 = $11.59 at Watsons.

The Ink Brow only come in two shades which is disappointing because #1 Dark Brown is not even close to my actual brow hair. I have a sparse but very dark brows so I tend to go for Grey Brown or Black Brown.

Thankfully dark brown is forgivable on my brows though it still look kinda awkward.

The applicator resemble of a nail polish's. It's too thick for my brows so I use an angled eyeliner brush instead. The dropper is not an actual functional dropper, it's just a holder. 

This ink brow is streaky af. When applied with the applicator, it is impossible to get an even distribution as seen from the big swatch. I tried using the angled brush but still, it's a streak mess. However it blends super easily but the pigmentation ends up lighter once it dries up. 

It dries up fast but enough for me to blend it out unlike my NYX brow gel which literally dry up in 5 seconds. It also tend to be patchy when I try to layer the product in an attempt to fill up the sparser area of my brow. 

I've worn this from morning to evening and it does not budge even when I was sweating under the scorching sun. Totally impressed! It can easily be removed with an oil based makeup remover.

Can you see the color difference of my brow with the ink brow? It looks weird so I sometimes fill up the outer corner with the NYX eyebrow cake powder to reduce the color contrast between my outer and inner brow hairs. 

Overall, I love this because it makes my brows routine become faster and its longevity. I was especially disappointed with the shade selection and its streakiness. I've been using this continuously ever since I've bought it and I recommend this to any long time makeup junkie. Beginners? Not so much. 

Take care! XOXO 

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