Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer

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I've been gone for a week due to my assignments and tests. I'm back now with another review of a Korean brand; Innisfree. 

I assume this is the improved formula of the previous primer released under the name "No Sebum Mineral Primer." I've bought this since my Benefit Porefessional has almost finished. I realized I like thick, paste like primer more than the watery formulation simply because I have an extremely oily complexion and I think dry formulation suits me better. This retails for RM40 or 46 at my local Innisfree store. 

The primer claim to control sebum secretion, blurring the pores and comfortable on the skin. Simple packaging yet packed with information. The flexible plastic tube makes it easy for me to squeeze every single ounce out of it once it's almost empty.

The opening has a pointy tip to ensure control of product dispense. 

I am impressed at how much alike both primers look on the skin. They are extremely similar in term of appearance and texture. The only difference is that the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer has a herbal scent (typical Innisfree scent) while Benefit Porefessional has a fresh synthetic scent.

I squeezed out too much for the swatch and the blur primer is balling up when I blend it out. Hence, it's better to apply a small amount first and layer only where needed. Plus, this kind of primer works best when applied on areas with large pores or where you easily get oily.   

I can't see any difference between the Porefessional and Innisfree blur primer


Fresh applied 830AM

Lunch time 130PM

I get oily no matter how humid or dry my environment is. In this case, I was sitting in an air-conditioned room. The blur primer works wonderfully. It cover my pores and sits comfortably on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy and I didn't feel greasy at all. However I do get oily on my nose and cheeks after some time. 

This is a great primer for anyone on a budget or suffers enlarge pores (like me!). I'm delighted I've picked this up over the expensive ones at Sephora. Since Innisfree is a consumer friendly brand, their product also contain zero parabens.

I've posted a new video on my youtube channel. Feel free to watch it down below or visit my channel :)

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