tried and tested beauty remedies from YOUTUBE!


i want to share some of the tips i found in my beauty guru,*drum rolls*

been following her for a while. :) the best thing is that I TRIED DOING THIS ON MY FACE!so far no breakouts or skin irritation,plus the ingredients are also SUPER AVAILABLE in our country (MALAYSIA).she's asian,so do us.kekeke. * i tend to follow asian beauty gurus*

this tutorial is really only need OATMEAL!a small pack of Quacker oatmeal is really cheap right??

you'll need RICE FLOUR and HONEY. :) 

i done this before but due to the lack of consistency,i really works!i applied it a few times a day (haha,mau result cepat kan) and ddudung!!!i surprised myself when my panda eyes reduced.

so far only these three i looking for DIY whitehead removal but i still havent found one that really EASY and WORKS.please wait for a while!

bye bye loves! xoxo.

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