♥ The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX I Make You Pretty Blusher 08 Orange Syrup Review ♥

I bought this blusher during The Faceshop super sale in conjuction with grand opening of Nu Sentral last month.I picked this shade because i dont have any decent orange blusher in my vanity collection.

I was attracted to the packaging.Its identical to the mono eyeshadow i reviewed HERE.
A transparent and sturdy plastic case which is very eye catchy and unique.
Korean cosmetics always has the best packaging! :D

On the pan,this blusher has a true orange shade with a hint of shimmer.
Sorry,the lighting is a bit off.
However once swatched the colour turn out to be a subtle peach colour.

Notice the shimmer it has.

When i was editing this picture,i was baffled as the blusher turn to be pink instead of orange. -___-
I tried everything to bring out its true colour but failed so.. *bows 90 degrees*

Plus,one of my reader commented that my picture look washed out?? T__T 
it look just fine on my screen though,so it may be your screen resolution??

I love its buildable pigmentation and how it looks on my skin.It compliments my warm skintone really well.Becareful though as too much of orange blusher can make you look older yikes! I would prefer a matte blusher but the shimmer give some sort of glow to my dull complexion and i like that,makes me feel like Beyonce LOL.The longevity is so-so (around 2-3 hours max) probably because of my oily complexion.It disappear completely after 4-5 hours T__T Its very easy to buy this blusher as it is available at The Faceshop official shop.Im sorry but i forgot the actual price and the receipt was lost.Its probably around RM30++ but i got it with a 50% discount.


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thanks for the review .... please do more review . mind follow me too? terima kasih

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