✿ AOA Jimin Makeup Inpired Look ✿

Hello everyone!

After doing a collab in my previous post,i become interested in doing a K-POP makeup look.It was so much fun exploring and utilizing the skills i've learnt through watching so many youtube videos and tutorials. :D

Since AOA is a new emerging KPOP influencer,i began looking through in google image for inspiration on my next entry.I was particularly interested with Jimin because she has unique facial feature that enable me to detect her right away without having to skim through the group picture.

It doesn't exactly look the same because i dont have a lipstick/tint's shade that she wore in the Short Hair MV.I did tried my best to recreate the whole makeup minus the lipstick =3=

I did the aegyosal trick by drawing a line just underneath my eyes fat and my eyes went O.O
Its like i have a different eyes before LOL.

Thanks for reading! 


Aimi Haruna said...

You are so pretty <3
It really looks so natural ^^

Indira || New Post

Jenny Fleur said...

Your face is Korean cute already! And the look is just perfect. :D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Aimi Haruna Thanks Aimi! :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jenny Fleur Thank you Jenny! <3

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