✿ NYX Dark Circle Concealer 01 Fair Review ✿

Hello cupcakes!

I picked up this baby during my last food hunting trip to Penang.It was sold at Sephora Queensbay Mall for 30 MYR if im not mistaken.I tried using the tester on my very own dark circles (ain't got time to wear makeup when you're traveling) and i was surprised on how well it matches my skintone. So i bought this and i've been using it ever since!

This is different than the Concealer In A Jar.That concealer is more to covering blemishes and redness on the skin.While this one is exclusive for the under eye area since it contained coconut oil,china clay and orange pigment.

The concealer comes in a round shaped jar.It is small enough to fit into any makeup pouch or handbags for touch ups.

It has a salmon tone,somewhat similar to the Skinfood Salmon Concealer in terms of their overall tone.It does look a little orange in the jar but not as strong as the peach shade Corrector by Bobbi Brown.

With the concealer.

I found that this shade is perfect for me.It was like an eureka moment for me.I randomly tried the tester and bam! it blends like my own skin. *moment of silence please* I picked up the  last stock of this concealer and boyy luck was really on my side that day.

This concealer is very moisturising and creamy.I have dry under eyes and whenever i wear the concealer in a jar,i found it very hard to spread plus it looks so patchy and unattractive.Back to the point,this dark circle concealer,however distribute smoothly and brighten up my under eyes instantly.

With the concealer.

I have creasing problem with all of my previous concealers.This one is no exception too.However it creases naturally in a way it doesn't accentuate my fine lines any worse.I always set up my under eye concealer with a yellow tone powder while my face with a pink tone powder.It does not rub off and stays all day long but as the day goes on,the creasing tend to be more noticeable.Its portability is also a plus point for me.

This is my go-to concealer lately. I truly had fallen in love with this concealer. Its affordable yet perform wonderfully as it should be. :)

What is your favorite concealer?

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