❤ 6 Contour and Blush Palette Review ❤

Good day readers!

I read tons of review for this palette.Though it was sold by different company at different price,its essentially came from the same manufacturer in China.One of the popular seller in US is Coastal Scents but its also available in Ebay for a much much cheaper price.

I bought this palette because of the praise given by the beauty bloggers and makeup gurus in Youtube.Plus its so handy and convenient,it saves space on my vanity rack due to its slim size.

The packaging is simple and appear somewhat professional.

This palette contain 6 multi-functional shades.
A matte white translucent shade which can be used as a highlighter.Very pigmented and soft textured.
Two face powders that has pink and yellow undertone respectively.
One bronzer/contour shade that has a neutral undertone.
Two shades of blushers

I actually did try on everything on my face.The white matte shade is a beautiful highligher,very pigmented and buttery.I absolutely am in love with it!

The powders are quite good though its not as good as i've expected.I want my powders to be finely milled and super soft in texture but the powders are nothing like that.But it did a good job at doing what its supposed to do ; setting my base makeup.

The contour shade will suits any fair to medium skintone.It is quite sheer but its also buildable which give me more control on how intense i want my contour to be.

The blushers are AH-MAY-ZING.It looks flattering *at least on my skin* and uber vivid.The first time i used it,i ended up putting too much because i thought it wont shows up on my cheeks.

Overall,this palette is quite powdery but it can be fixed by tapping your brush to tap off the excess product.Its also very affordable and decent enough for a makeup artist to use.I personally love this palette for its price and convenience.

If you're curious,i bought this from an Insta shop (local) ;

fri_shop (Instagram)
Price RM20
Shipping RM10


Jazz Lover said...

Wow, murah jugak Angel Love Soldier

Azwa Amanina said...

@Jazz Lover Kannn. murah sangat,thats why i like it so much!

Rafydahouse said...

Wow!! sgt sgt sgt murah!! Msti mo beli jga ni.. hehehe :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Rafydahouse Kann,bagus ko beli. Kualiti dia bagus ooo.

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