☁ NYX Blush PB05 Review ☁

Hello everyone!

I've been into Western beauty stuff lately and im currently obsessed over NYX. Their lip cream is simply the best!

I picked up a few of their highly raved items like this blush,the jumbo eye pencil,eyeshadow base,the concealer in a jar, and of course the majestic lip cream.

The packaging is simple,nothing catchy except for the tiny heart shape in the middle and the 3D mosaic appearance of the product itself.

The blusher is a warm tone rosy pink and has a matte finish.

Pigmentation - Superb! Its very vivid and true to colour.One swipe (the upper swatch) and its already enough for that flushed cheeks look.still,its pigmentation is buildable (lower swatch) if you opt for a heavier look such as dinner,photoshoot,etc.

Texture - On the pan,its very soft.However it has minor fall out when you use the brush to pick up the product but so do all blusher i guess.Its not powdery or chalky and it sets nicely on the skin.

Staying power - Personally,it stays put on my cheeks for maximum 5-6 hours.I have an oily skin so that might contribute to the fading.Still,for a drugstore blusher it definitely perform above the par.

Price - 26 MYR at Sephora Sunway Pyramid. Its affordable aka budget friendly.The kind of price that i love LOL.Some online shop may sell it cheaper especially if its a pre-order item.

Overall,i love this blusher.Its worth every penny i've spent and i would definitely buy more of this blusher in the future.Definitely not gonna spend 70 MYR for a blusher *cough* MAC *cough*


Sabrina Tajudin said...

love the lip cream too! nk gak try blusher dia. byk sgt color xtau nk yg mana satu.. hehe

Azwa Amanina said...

@Sabrina Tajudin Hari tu lama sangat nak decide which colour nak beli.Sampai boring kawan menunggu LOL.

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