Nature Republic By Flower BB Cream Review

Hola readers!

I bought this BB cream together with the pore BB cream that i've bought HERE.

To be honest i wasn't planning to buy this BB cream but i grabbed it anyway since the price was darn cheap.It was in the 30++ MYR range despite its 35ml volume so thumbs up for this budget friendly item!

This BB cream does not come with box and it is able to stand by itself.Of course a traditional BB cream would come in a squeeze type tube with a screw cap.I bought mine in shade 02.

Despite the sticker seal on its cap,there's also an additional quality seal on the inside.

Talking about top quality business here aye?

I bought the darkest shade (not that it has many,only two shades available)

Its a bit thicker than the pore BB cream.Nonetheless it spreads easily on my skin.

The shade 02,despite being the darkest tone available its still a bit off compared to my real skin colour.
It turns greyish and uber pale on my skin but i managed to tone it down with a loose powder that matches my skintone.

Apology for the pale lips,i was fasting and didn't want to accidently eat my lipstick LOL.

As seen above it covers my redness up to an extent,notice the tiny red patch on my chin just below my also failed to cover the discoloration on my lids and my dark circles.It creases a little bit when applied under the eyes so be careful,otherwise it would accentuate the fine lines under the eyes.

Without the powder,my skin looks glowing but i prefer the matte look.There's no distinctive smell once applied on the skin but it does smell similar to Holika holika Petit BB cream.I guess all low cost BB creams smell the same?

Its a decent BB cream for students and beginners but the limited shade might become a turn off for the women of colours.If you could afford more,then feel free to skip this one. ;)

Thanks for reading! 

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