∆ IPhone Gold 5S ∆

hello people!

The hype over iPhone is unbelievably crazeh.I was never the gadget trend follower but seeing my friends using this sleek metal gadget sometimes make me envious LOL.Its the holy grail of all smartphones!

Honestly,I wanted the iPhone for its awesome back and front camera.The pictures are so HD i almost cried hiks.

I have a soft spot for photography but damn im bad at it.I dont have the talent plus a DSLR is too tedious too work with,not to mention that its heavy and dull (its black overall ehem).So i simply take normal ordinary selfies photos of things that amused me minus the need to make it look like a masterpiece.

Another thing i truly dislike is using filters.Its a different story with selfies but when i take pictures of ordinary things,i want it to be as original as possible.I feel like adding filters doesn't deliver the true intention i wish to convey.

So i was browsing mobile phone on ipmart and i discovered the iPhone Gold 5S they were selling.Boy i wanted this baby so bad.The free shipping,order tracker and cash on delivery service are really tempting because it provide some sort of reassurance to me that this shop is a real deal,not a hoax.


Im not attracted to the fancy softwares and so forth,not really a fan of 'em.I wanted the iPhone solely for its camera and its ability to connect to the internet LOL.Peculiar much?

Anyway,IPmart also provide a variety of payment method which im pleased with because honestly,i prefer money transfer compared to some credit card or paypal procedures.

So im glad to share this discount code with you guys for you to shop at IPmart! 

This voucher is valid until 31st of March and it has an unlimited usage! What a great news isn't it? :D

Visit IPmart now - http://www.ipmart.com.my/


Aisyah Az said...

i want it so bad.. huhu.. the reason why i want this ai phong due to its camera!!!

Aisyah Az said...

i want it so bad.. huhu.. the reason why i want this ai phong due to its camera!!!

alyaabybie said...

iPhone always the coolest!!

Azwa Amanina said...

@alyaabybie I know right!!! :D

Azwa Amanina said...

@Aisyah Az High five buddy!

YuBi said...

hi azwaa ipmart sales are soo tempting! I also want it!! ^^

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