☁ [Review] Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion in 03 True Beige ☁

Hi unicorns!

Before it was the hot weather,now the haze is getting worse too D: I have sore throat out of sudden today,so please drink lots of water okay!

This is a BB cushion im currently loving beside the Holika holika Jelly BB cream.There is no Innisfree outlet in Malaysia so i asked my korean friend to buy it for me during the semester break.Thanks Min Soo!

I chose True Beige because i think im a little bit tan now since the weather is so freaking warm.

It claim to have a 5 in 1 function which are makeup,sebum control,cooling effect,sunblock and as a whitening product.

The casing comes in plain white and lighter than the Etude House Any Cushion.It is also matte.

Simplicity at its best.

Comparing the two products in term of physical appearance

At the back,there is the usual information such as its lifespan and the shade of the BB cushion.

Frankly speaking,the design is similar to Any Cushion with the large mirror,blue airpuff sponge with 'Innisfree' printed on its holder and a separator compact for the sponge.

I suspects all air cushion has this design :D

Once opened,there is a sticker concealing the cushion soaked BB.
Peel it and you're ready to use it!

The BB is quite tan and has a strong yellow undertone.

First,it brighten up my overall complexion without being too fair,the good kind of fair.

Second,the oil control is jjang! From 8am to 12pm,only once did i blot my face.Mostly the oil was concentrated on my forehead and nose.

Third,its very lightweight and easy to spread compared to the Any Cushion.Maybe its the difference in formulation or the sponge.

Fourth,the cooling effect is felt once the product is in contact with the skin.However it fade away soon after.

Fifth,its suitable for daily basis since it has SPF50++ but you might wanna put this aside for the night out session.

Overall,i like this BB cushion more than the Any Cushion.
I still love the Any Cushion but i would grab the Mineral Melting if i have to choose. ;D



Laura J said...

It looks nice on you! :) I just bought my first BB cushion a couple of days ago... interested in seeing how it is haha.


amal said...

ohh etude house, i love it! are you a huge fan of EH bcs i rarely saw that yr products are mostly from EH if im not mistaken.

follow here , 526 :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Laura J Trust me,its a genius invention! :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@amal Yes i am an Etude House fan :D

Tozara said...

Hopefully, you will be reviewing it very soon 😄

Tran Thao Vi said...

Hi, can i ask what is the different between this and Long wear cushion(Innisfree's)?? Thks :)

Azwa Amanina said...

@Tran Thao Vi Hello. Im not really sure on the difference as i've never own the Long Wear Cushion but i suppose its just and upgrade version of this BB cushion. :)

Yee Ting said...

Will it make ur skin look yellowish?

kesya said...

in love with all
Korean skincare product
from Innisfree. you should try their mint green tea fresh shampoo. Its really nice

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